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QOL features such as the 2x/4x speed are pretty useful for replays, especially in VIII (although I haven’t been doing the Draw-Draw-Dash much anymore, ever since I started thinking of Triple Triad as the main encounter mechanic, and thinking of battles as the minigame).
Since you can get Diablos (i.e. Enc-None) so early, that's not an unreasonable take. 🤔


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Sooo I had a dream where I playing the Dollet mission and we were escaping from X-ATM092. We got to this screen and instead of going around, we climbed somewhere else and made a new path. On the next screen, we approach a cliff with X-ATM092 still coming and just jump off down to the bridge. I do the dodge bit on the bridge and go to the next screen with fountain and dog except apparently I was moving so fast that I proceed past that thus not saving the dog. The rest proceeds as normal with X-ATM092 being destroyed.
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