Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age


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okay I'm making thrad :monster:

hito is our man
here's some details someone please celebrate with me

it's coming out for the ps4 in 2017

based on the international zodiac job system version, but will include further improvements and modern tech.

the backgrounds, character models, fonts and all 2d assets are going to be made higher resolution
movie scenes getting made high res
incorprating the latest graphical techniques

compatible with 7.1ch sound
high quality audio for the voices (maybe the eng ones won't have that weird tinny sound now??)
will include japanese and english voices (changable in-game via the config menu)
will include the original bmg and newly recorded versions of all the tracks (changable in-game too)

decreased loading times
added autosave feature
improvements to the high speed mode from izjs, and improved controls when playing in the high speed mode

also getting various other improvements to make the character growth system more enjoyable

thank you square i always believed in you


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all the tracks

i can't tell if the one playing on the teaser site is a new recording since it's been a long time since i've really listened to it

i saw about this from a push notification from the ff portal app which just said 'ffxii the zodiac age release period announced' and i was a little scared it would be some spin-off mobile game but you pulled it off square, thank you


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I've listened to it a few times now and by the sound of the strings/violins playing right before the epic part, plus little details and oddbits here and there that are different (particularly the 2nd violins right before epic part), this is definitely a new recording, at least parts of it.


okay heart definitely pounding nao
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So hyped, I was saying to my friend a couple of days ago that this has to be getting announced soon and here it is. Looking forward to playing it through again, I only cleared it once when it was released and have forgotten most of it, so it will be like rediscovering it all over again.


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^ Very interesting question.
If they decide to expand on the capacity/ queue logic, we'll be seeing a lot of interesting changes in game mechanics. Which means there'd be tons of new micro management strategies to create - it'd really change some of the fights completely. You'd no longer be able to use Break to still Yiazmat, or spam Berserk/Attack with Holy/Flare/Ardor etc.

Same with all the various glitches and cheats. They fixed some of them for Platinum ed/ IZJS (< 0 percent chance glitch), so who's to say they won't do more for a remaster/ new game mechanics? I can totally see them removing the spawn/ Immobilize glitch, and the ATB reset glitch.

This will set up an entire new speedrunning category. Or maybe not, seeing how "popular" IZJS is with the speedrunning community :P


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I'm so hyped for this! I haven't played FFXII since it first came out and I've definitely never played the Zodiac version before. I can't wait to get more details about this. Hopefully we'll hear more about it at E3.


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Keep checking the interwebz thinking this must be a crazy dream, but nope, everything's still there.

What a time to be alive. Two of my favorite games are getting the remake treatment. Well, one more so than the other, but still. It's just an awesome feeling.

Trying desperately not to get my hopes up here, but I wonder if Square would have actually be up to finishing the XII manga series that they just abruptly left off on many years ago. Having it officially translated wouldn't hurt either.

But here's to hoping for some major goodies in a deluxe version of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age! :excited:

EDIT: I guess it's going to be playable at E3 this year?


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To follow up on the game mechanics thing...
previous WR holder Freddeh (on Skype) said:
[15:52:46] Freddeh: my god
[15:52:53] Freddeh: effect queue is gone
[15:53:05] Freddeh: the video has scathe mote and like 2 other spells going off at the same time
[15:53:08] Freddeh: and flare+dispel
[16:08:07] Freddeh: 1:24*
[16:08:20] Freddeh: Scathe Mote + Dispel + Shock (Shades of Black)
holy cow


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Is this thread for real? Like, is this some trick of the eyes here to tease and torment me? Or is this real life?


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Also, Zodiac Age sounds better than "International Word Salad Title" or the ever original "HD Remaster" subtitle.

Although I suppose at first glance one might think this is the title to a sequel or spinoff.


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Watched the trailer, loving the change to HD.

Especially just playing it not so long ago, I saw how pixalated the game looks on PS2 and it looks soo good in that trailer.

I think this is the last game Square needed to update so thankfully they are finally getting around to it.

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