Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age


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I can not get enough of this game.

Currently just heading to Giruvegan story wise BUT I have been doing so much other stuff in between in terms of hunts and loot hunting and grinding that I've sorta got the story on the backburner.

Anyways I took a venture into the Cerobi Steppe for the first time a few days ago to do some levelling, now I've heard the music accompanying the area in Revenant Wings before but hearing it when it's not coming through a DS system is just something else and it fits so well with how pretty the Cerobi Steppe is I'd say it's one if my favourite areas in an FF game I've ever visited and it's music is probably one of the most relaxing pieces of music I've ever heard in an FF game.


Waiting for something
It's so easily done this game just has so much to do in it, but i'm finding when I do start the story back I'm not trying to remember where I was at in it or what the dialogue was before that.

Not gonna lie its my favourite FF game for sidequest content now....why the hell did I ever disregard this game again???


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New features for Xbox One and Switch

License Reset Function: By talking to Clan Centurio’s leader Montblanc in Rabanastre, players can reset and change their party member’s jobs, allowing them to customize the jobs of their party as desired.

Additional Gambit Sets: Gambits allow players to customize their party’s AI. Players can now create three unique sets, allowing players to switch between sets for different situations, such as map exploration or boss fights.

Improved “New Game+”: Allows users to start the game with party members at level 90 and carry over some items like weapons, magic and gils obtained during previous playthroughs.

Specific to Xbox One X – Supports 60fps.

From the latest press release:
I'm definitely gonna pick this up on Switch. I had been meaning to get the PS4 remaster, but I'm glad I kept getting distracted :monster: . As someone who's always been interested in TZA's job system, but is intimidated about planning ahead, the License Reset Function sounds really nice. Gambit sets sound useful, too. Just curious - in TZA do you still get access to gambits at the same pace as the vanilla game? I remember when I tried replaying vanilla FFXII, I felt more limited by the early game gambit options than the abilities themselves.

My only concern is that the audio may be compressed (Switch version file size is like half as big as the Xbox One version, I think?), but surely it'll still be as good or better than on PS2, right? Either way, though, portability is too good to pass up in this case.
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i want to get this for the ps4 (because that's the only console i own and my pc doesn't play high end games well)

but i also want to get a switch and get it for that because the idea of playing it handheld while the tv is occupied/in bed sounds cool

also seeing one of fangu's posts in that video is cool too


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So yeah I started a New Game- on PS4 because I've never done that before and that's what happens.

I don't really have a strategy. I made Vaan a Red Mage for the easy access to Dark, Aero and other spells, Balthier a Shikari because lazy (also hearly HP access), and Fran a Bushi because I felt like it, also easy HP for the earlier stages + thinking of making her a Black Mage after Belias, so the augments are good. At Bhujerba atm, not easy killing enemies in the mines, so I'm just gonna rush through the next parts (lesse how Leviathan goes) for better equipment, then go back to grind for LP and loot.

This might crash horribly but oh well. I kept a save file before choosing the first job X)
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