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Can I just say that I am floored by the way this thread took off?? Haha, didn't see it coming. It's been fun lurking.

I'mma throw some numbers at ya now that we've reached 30 games. :megusta:

Of the 30 games of Hangman played, only 2 of them have been lost: "Dr. Kadowaki," hosted by Fancy and "Brynnhildr," hosted by Ghost X.

Games Won by Participants
meta-chart (2).jpeg

Games Hosted by Participants meta-chart.jpeg

I'm not sure if I really count tho lmaoo.

Anyway, yay! Might creep back if this hits a major lull.

Erotic Materia

I put on my robe and wizard hat
Seeing as how everyone else did all the legwork, and I just swooped in at the last second to take the victory...

I'm still gonna claim my right as winner to start the next round :troll:

Hmmm... let me think for a bit. Because some of you assh--er, clever folks are WAAAAY too good at tearing my clue apart after ONE SINGLE LETTER *cough* @Keveh Kins *cough* :watchingu:
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Erotic Materia

I put on my robe and wizard hat
You sons of bitches, the lot of ya.


...Licorice wins.

If anyone was wondering/didn't already know, castanets are the little clacky things you often hear in flamenco music, among other styles.

They look like this:
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