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If it's not a nostalgia cash-in, I'm stoked. If you say there are things you could've done without, I'm immediately expecting trash. BUT, I shall give it a whirl.
Oh, by that I was mainly referring to a (new) character that comes up later on in the show and how they factor into the penultimate episode... it's kind of hard to talk about it without giving stuff away, let's just say it's rather incongruous; it didn't sour me on the whole show or anything, though (like I said, I really liked it and there are tons of great moments, but high expectations can ruin things more than low ones, so I'll say no more as long as you're gonna give it a go :monster: ). The show pretty clearly deliberately avoids nostalgia in a big way, so no need to worry in that regard, IMO - I remember reading an article around when S3 was announced that feared it would just be a sort of feel-good "damn fine coffee!"/cherry pie fest that would do nothing more play on fans' fondness of the previous seasons (given how reboots typically go), which got me worried, and it's almost comical how swiftly and thoroughly the show put those fears to rest.


Netflix is TV right? Just started S2 of Star Trek Discovery, they really pulled out all the stops didn't they? o_O. I'm sure they've spent a lot of the budget on just the first episode and the rest will be a lot more chuntering, but still, fuck me do they spend a lot on series.


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Been watching at long last the last season of Gotham. I love the series even if my knowledge of Batman lore is only the movies and the 90's animated series. Love love love Cameron Monaghan and Camren Bicondova. Those two kids are pure gold.

Also, do web series count as TV? Because I've been hooked to Critical role for more than a year.
Just watched Dracula from Moffat and Gatiss.

Started off exceptionally strong with some spot-on casting and several great ideas being explored, but episode two quickly fell apart, and the third episode was just downright silly. A shame.
During lockdown I started watching Korean romantic dramas because I found them soothing and escapist.

Then I stumbled across one with a really unpromising title, "My Mister", which has turned out to be one of the most thought-provoking meditations on the nature of love, duty, success and failure, and family dynamics, that I've ever seen. Like all Korean dramas it's quite slow-paced compared to American shows, but I like that. It's the opposite of escapist. If you are interesting in learning more about the realities of life in South Korea, it seems very realistic (not that I have any means of judging, but it comes across as a show that is meant to feel authentic to its home audience), so it's at once very Korean, and universal. Every human being around the world can relate to these characters.

I can't recommend it too highly. It's on Netflix.
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