Guessing Game: When will we get the remake?

January 31st, 2022 (Part 1)

Released on the same date as the original Japanese release of FFVII, also marking the 25th anniversary of FFVII.

To be honest I am so jaded at this point that even 2022 feels optimistic, but I do like the aesthetics of this date. ...Too bad it's a Monday though. :monster:


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It's crazy for me to think it would still be three years away. Maybe they would re-release all the parts in a single package then. But no. My $50 is still on the first part's release.


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I just like to see people put their money where their mouth is. Cuts out a surprising amount of negativity. I used to use it all the time and bet people that said climate change wasn't real that the next year would be one of the hottest on record.

As for the game price... that one's tricky. I'm hoping the one I ordered on Amazon will be about $47.99 (because of Prime Savings).



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Price will depend on the release date and console I guess. Each part will probably be priced differently too.

Probably be standard price at time of release but prices will of course vary for bundles too, like a Part 1&2 bundle when Part 2 releases where the bundle costs more than Part 2 on its own.

£777.77 for the collectors edition that contains all parts, a Cloud play arts figure, signed art book, limited edition Materia Marbles and a downloadable theme for your PlayStation. To release in 2022/2023 when all parts are out.

And how about a console bundle for the first part? Final Fantasy VII: PS4 Pro lifestream edition with game and a lifestream styled skin on the PS4. All yours for £400
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