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Japanese audio track subtitles: concerns

Mr. Ite
Thanks for the hard work, Strangelove. I’m really happy they didn’t translate Reno’s zuto or whatever into “yo” like AC did.

Edit: ninja’d! It’s a compilation thing iirc
Edit 2: just re-read every Reno line from the 97 eng script, not a “yo” to be found.

I knew a rube from Birmingham who would put the word “like” at the end of most sentences. It’s not something someone with an American accent would do.
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The annoying "yo" thing was exclusively in fansubs of AC, gang. Don't pin that on the official localization. Reno does not say it anywhere in AC or Crisis Core.

ティファ (Tifa)
「ジェシー! バレット!」

JP: "Jessie, Barret!"
EN: "Jessie, Barret!"

verdict: rocky!
I lol'd :lol: You're the best, hito, hahaha. And also thanks for that again.


Kept you waiting, huh?
Also that scene is probably not from the Shinra jail cell, considering the environment of the room doesn’t match the Shinra HQ aesthetic. It’s probably a conversation in the slums/7th Heaven.
I get that idea, but the sparsity of the room doesn't really scream to me it's Tifa's room in the Slums of 7th Heaven? The "feeling" of the scene was more like the jail cells in Shinra, especially considering how disturbed she looks while speaking. (e..g. Understandably traumatized post-Sector 7?)

(As an aside, I love Tifa's freaking out at the Train Graveyard—I guess she's scared of ghosts, poor girl.)

Of course, time will tell with everything.

Thanks, Hito, for the side-by-side translation comparison! I'm surprised I haven't seen that elsewhere online.
I get that idea, but the sparsity of the room doesn't really scream to me it's Tifa's room in the Slums of 7th Heaven? The "feeling" of the scene was more like the jail cells in Shinra, especially considering how disturbed she looks while speaking. (e..g. Understandably traumatized post-Sector 7?)
It doesn’t have to be Tifa’s room, it could easily be a spare guest room, or whatever room Cloud was staying at while in 7th Heaven.


Harbinger O Great Justice
ティファ (Tifa)

JP: "The pinch I imagined back then wasn't like this."
EN: "Can't say this is quite what I had in mind when I asked for your help way back when."

verdict: missing the 'pinch/bind' reference that's there in the original again. obviously it's lacking the context of the surrounding lines, and the line does hint at the promise in another way, but if you can call two instances a 'pattern' then there does seem to be a pattern developing. what you got against this line, english dub.
I'll actually answer this one, and I wonder if this is potentially one of those UK English vs. US English things.

We don't use the term "in a pinch / in a bind" in actual speech... basically ever. Speaking personally, in every conversation about difficult situations that I've had with people or heard in the course of my entire life, I've literally never had someone say either of those things. The phrases are understood but they're the kind of things that you'd only hear as character dialogue in a play, and it would never come up in actual conversation. We don't typically turn the situation into an object (pinch/bind), but rather we focus on the verb action (help) in regards to a situation that we address indirectly. It's the kind of thing that if you ever heard it, you'd maybe expect to hear from your grandparents or something because it sounds old fashioned and also approaches the conversation in a way that doesn't match the rest of how most people actually speak to each other in common day-to-day interactions. Hearing someone who's Tifa/Cloud's age use it casually sounds super unnatural, and you'd DEFINITELY never hear it from a couple kids making a promise to each other.

While we wouldn't say, "Will you help me if I'm ever in a pinch/bind?" I think about the closest equivalent that you'd actually hear spoken is probably something more along the lines of, "Will you help me if I ever run into trouble?" because that's still covering the context of needing help in a way that could involve rescuing of some kind in the way that Tifa & Cloud's promise is meant, but again the situation isn't made into an object that can be explicitly recalled later because that's not how we contextualize those things. If later on, you're speaking about it in a situation that's occurring, we'd just be more straightforward about it as, "I need some help." rather than "I'm in a pinch/bind." which makes the contextual surrounding dialogue difficult because they volunteer different information that matches the way we actually approach discussing those things. About the only colloquialism used in American English that I can think of that actually gets used in the same context is, "I'm caught between a bit of a rock and a hard place" or "I'm in a bit of a tough spot" which is really just a precursor to explaining the situation that you need assistance with ...but that's also almost exclusively for something that's a situational dilemma that you'd just need advising with, and not something that you'd need saving from – especially in the context of a heroic rescue.

That's why when it comes to the English dialogue, "Can't say this is quite what I had in mind when I asked for your help way back when." that is absolutely 100% the way that I'd expect to hear a real human sort of shyly address that promise that they had made as kids to each other. This is one of those things where they want the characters to actually sound like real people, not like they're just spouting pre-written dialogue. This is a line where because we don't use that situational object but we focus on the verb, it makes everything around it sound clunky and manufactured if you're not matching the way that we actually approach discussing that kind of situation. Ultimately that means that the term pinch/bind just... really doesn't fit at all, so you have to adapt the surrounding dialogue accordingly to address the same subject with natural conversation.

This is the kind of thing that actually makes me really glad to see being changed when it comes to translating character dialogue in a way that sounds natural rather than sticking to a translation that's more technically accurate to the original Japanese text.



Kept you waiting, huh?
"Pinch" is very much one of those loan words used in Japanese (even Sailormoon used it once or twice, lol), so I can see why it's used on that end, at least.

About Tifa's room—assuming she has a little upstairs loft type area, not just that Avalanche basement headquarters, I'd assume the rooms (what, 2-3 at most? Plus a bathroom?) would have a similar layout. It's definitely wait and see, but something about the environment + Tifa's facial expression does make me think it's when they're in the slammer. Of course, it's all developmental footage at this point anyway, although the JP voice acting was recorded back in 2017. (On that note, I definitely hope the Jenova "break out" is full-on horror, however briefly. That's going to be incredible based on what the trailers have so far shown us!)
The room that Tifa and Cloud are in is almost certainly not the Shinra HQ cell. It even has a shelf above the bed for sheets and such. But it's also not Tifa's room in 7th Heaven, it's very likely a shack/building a block or two from 7th Heaven that Cloud is staying in. It's the same room that Cloud's Sephiroth hallucination takes place in and the building that Cloud and Tifa run out when the Keepers of Fate ghosts are swarming the slums. Vyzzuvazzadth made a video showing the chronological order of scenes in the most recent trailer.
Mr. Ite
I’m really not sure Vyzz. The set definitely uses the “tile set” used for 7th Heaven, but the scene itself just has to be the prison scene. I’m chalking it up to dev footage, just like the Ladies-on-the-arm scene.
How does it have to be the prison scene? It could easily be a conversation from the beginning of the game, or a new one entirely. Also it's not just the wooden floor, the room also has has a shelf above the bed for sheets and such, which would not fit with the Shinra holding cell.
Mr. Ite
In brief, I don’t think anyone can confidently assert one way or the other until the game comes out (or they show us more of that scene). I usually agree with vyzz’s assessments and his arguments are sound, but in this instance I’m not convinced.


Yazzavedth Zayann
@Mr. Ite Tifa is also leaning against a door. You can see the door handle before she leans against the "wall".
And there's a gap between the floor and the door/wall Tifa leans against. You can even see white ceramic tiles on the floor behind.
Looks like a bathroom to me, which would make sense if you consider that room to be a small hotel room. The wall structure is even the very same as the one around the door frame when Cloud enters the room and sees Sephiroth. And behind Cloud, we can see several buildings from sector 7. Those are even visible when Cloud (and Tifa) leave that very room the day after when the Keepers of Fate attack.

As an addendum, Seventh Heaven is quite a distance away from that building Cloud spends the night in. There are a few landmarks supporting this notion.

All in all, there's overwhelming evidence that said room is not the prison cell in Shinra HQ.

And the "dev footage" argument doesn't hold up in my opinion as the game is too far into development for them to include completely inaccurate dev footage (like Barret fighting alongside Cloud at the Fountain Plaza in the PSX 2015 trailer).
Also, the love triangle scene takes place at the beginning of the Train Graveyard (there's a train car behind them). Even the scene and dialog make sense as there are ghosts around and Tifa is scared of them.

Anyway, I'll explain everything in more detail in my analysis videos.
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