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Now they can make an actual good Kingdom Hearts mobile game that doesn't use flash assets from 2004.

Let this die and make something worthy of S-E from its ashes. Because S-E definitely won't abandon the IP and leave it without a continuous mobile cash cow. :monster:

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The PC port just landed. I haven't bought it, I'm watching a stream and it seems a pretty decent port. It has graphics settings in a special config menu. It runs at either 30, 60 or unlocked FPS. Cutscenes are apparently in 60 now when they were in 30 on PS4/5. You can change the audio, either master/bgm/voice/sfx. Comes with language options.

Now that they've released...they're 20% off.

For 1.5/2.5 the saves are hidden within PNGs apparently, they look like PSP save icons.
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[Spoiler to be found the new Spoiler Thread]

Okay, in one report, Nomura had just mentioned that Melody of Memory is set before the Secret Episode of Re-Mind which has Sora fight Yozora, yet Sora is in the Final World and Riku, Kairi and the Fairy Godmother went there. They could've easily spotted Sora or searched around a bit more without seeking out the Nameless Star and figure out the meaning of it.

Can anybody explain this to me, please? It's gotten me even more confused....and the Spoiler tag is broken or I forgot how to do it, sorry.
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