Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory [PS4/XB1/Switch]


I played it again today and got better at it. I think I'll probably end up picking it up, but I just... dunno if I'll like it all that much. It's Theatrhythm without the option of a stylus (forced button mode), and I vastly preferred playing with touchscreen/ stylus. I even had Theatrhythm on iOS back when I had an iPhone.

I mean, this game is designed around buttons so in theory it should be fine but it's just not as satisfying.

Tbh I wish they'd just port the All Star Carnival arcade thing to consoles and let me use the PS4/ PS5 touchpad. At the very least give me a switch port of an upgraded curtain call, then maybe a game will finally make use of the fact that it has a goddamn touchscreen lmao. It's a win win because you can touchscreen in portable and button mode when the switch is docked.

Do it you cowards
So the demo has been datamined of course, but this time they stripped out everything that isn't needed. So there's absolutely no spoilers to come out in the next month. Hope that puts some minds at ease :)

Also for the curious, it was made with Unity engine rather than unreal. The same one that was used for Mobius, Gbike and FFIX.

If anyone wants to see what's in the mine, have a look at Vlad's tweets:


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i am missing the stylus controls tbh. i wasn't great at the game on higher difficulties but i did manage to get some sss ranks, but not with the buttons

also curtain call with all the dlc tracks for the switch you cowards, you absolute sinners


Did the songs on Proud. The last one not very well, but at least I cleared it.

Then I spent the whole of today playing Theatrhythm on my 3DS :monster:

I tried emulating it on PC and while it works pretty well, using the mouse as the touchpad made the arrow swipes annoying so it's fine in button mode with a dualshock 4 but I ended up just digging out my 3DS again - nothing beats the stylus. Started a new file and everything, I'm about to be consumed again. Man we need it on Switch so bad.
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