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Really the part that seals her death is that she told Cloud where she was going, which tipped Sephiroth off. She never intended him to follow, so it probably would have been better to just leave it as "bbs, on quest, ttyl". Thinking about it, it might have still ended in her death to take others with her, even if Cloud were left behind--because someone could let it slip to Cloud where they were headed and Sephiroth would have done the same thing, except instead of toying with the person on the pillar he doesn't screw around and starts the stabbing faster. So maybe she was actually playing it safe (in relation to not leaking plans, anyway) up until she sends Cloud the dream, because again, whoops! Doom sealed. Maybe she mistakenly believed she'd built up enough of a head start for it to not be a problem.

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LOL whut? She crossed continents only when she was part of A TEAM OF FREAKS.
Ok, how'd she get from Gongaga or the Temple of the Ancients to the Northern Continent while Cloud was out? With a traveling carnival?

And yeah, she got into the Forgotten City on her own...thanks to being a Cetra. She's badass cause she was able to go through the Sleeping Forest on her own without the Lunar Harp?
Well, she certainly didn't need a bodyguard did she? DID SHE?

They were all the way across a body of water and several yards away. It's not like they were literally just next to her.
Oooo, several yards and a few stone steps away. It would have been a completely different story if they stood a few feet closer.


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First of all, how the flying fuck does this thread move so fast. I just got back from laundry. :c


Aerith going off on her own is fucking stupid. Period.
Also, she did NOT try and protect everyone from Sephiroth. She did NOT KNOW he was there. She went because she felt like she was being led there. She says this.
Her wandering into the Sleeping Forest alone and hiking to a Temple of Ancients that NONE of them even KNEW of before this quest while Shin-Ra is on their asses and a madman is wandering around like a loon is FUCKING STUPID.

lol no but really, as much as you'd like to scream otherwise, Aeris is not stupid. This is the same chick that runs around the slums like she owns the place, comes up with the plan to rescue Tifa, and has insight into Cloud's mental problems with very little to go on. There's really nothing to suggest she's an idiot aside from your own personal bias against the character.

I think it's pretty obvious she knew Sephiroth was after her -- yes, she was being led to the city by her heritage, but the guy had just tried to kill her via Cloud, I'M PRETTY SURE A LIGHT WENT ON SOMEWHERE.

And like Crack said, Aeris is not the type of person to put others in danger. Splitting the team up is a pretty stupid move because then Sephiroth could have just picked them off easier (possibly aided by PsychoSleeperAgent!Cloud). They simply didn't have the strength at the time to beat him -- and that still wouldn't have solved the problem of Meteor. The point is, she knew what she was doing was dangerous, and why would she risk the lives of the entire team when it was a mission that really, only she could do?
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