New Spider-Man Game


Ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah
So envious of everyone playing =<
Planned to get this while in Brum because UK prices are cheaper but I forgot to do it on Friday and then of course KupoCon was on Saturday and when I went on Sunday it was sold out everywhere :'D


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I was right! :monster:

So this game has some very good writing, especially when it comes to character interactions. I think my favorite scene so far is when
Peter and Mary Jane were having that conversation over text after the battle with Martin Li on the subway.

Seeing Peter pace back and forth and freaking out about it all while in costume and casually swinging through the city was hilarious and cute at the same time. Especially with the "it's over" flub.

I think this is a text conversation most people have had in their life at some point. :monster:


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Hmmm... I totally did not even notice. Maybe?

Anyway, I just got through the part where
You have to sneak past Rhino as Miles. That was kind of intense. :monster:

And I loved the little callback scene afterward where we get to see Miles use the fighting tips that Spider-Man gave him to save the guy being mugged. The scene where Spider-Man shows Miles how to stand and punch and all that is one of my favorites. I'm stoked the writers put something like that in this game.

Go Miles, you get 'em! <3
So I just finished the story.

I bawled. Started when Pete and Ock were having their conversation, and full on bawling with Aunt May.
Miles is clearly going to be the main character in the next game, with Pete as a mentor of sorts, methinks.
Also.. are they going to make Harry have the symbiote? Those tendrils looked very web-like, and they were clearly moving on their own.


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Oh lord the ending

I cried. The ending of this game fucked me up. I was expecting generic happy, but this all was just...

I'm still crying over it.

I mean, it was such a great character moment for Peter, but still, THEY FREAKING KILLED OFF AUNT MAY! AAAAAHHH :'(

The final confrontation between Peter and Otto was also great. You can really get a sense of Peter's desperation over everything. Poor boy is having the shittiest day.
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