No Man's Sky

Lol. Those two are hilarious.

A developer jumping ship at this point isn't a surprise, regardless of the company supposedly 'working on new content'.

Star Citizen is another interesting one though. I really can't see that doing anything but blowing up spectacularly as well. The amount of money alone crowdfunded for that is simply insane.


Star Citizen's seen its fair share of developers walking away too; from a gaming point of view, it's a trainwreck with only a few tech demos produced. From a marketing standpoint though, it's sheer genius - selling over a hundred million USD worth of internet spaceships that do not exist to be used in a game that does not exist. They made more marketing and spaceship advertising videos than actual game.

The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
So, they've broken their long silence to announce that they will finally be delivering ... ! ... a feature no one asked for, cares about, will look forward to, or expected, as it wasn't even one of the many heretofore undelivered promises from the game's marketing stage (unless you count its mention in an update two days before release). :monster:

God, this is great. I really didn't think they could take the comedic farce theatre vibe of this up yet another notch, but I'll be damned -- they proved me wrong.
Have to completely agree.

I'm also scratching my head at how exactly base building is going to work, seeing as though it's not exactly easy to head back to old worlds.
There's a mission to mission narrative with the base too, getting people to staff it, sending you out on quests to get resources in exchange for blueprints other staff members need, etc. It's not a deep narrative, but it's nice to have a lil more focus sometimes.


I might play it sometime when it's on sale.

Actually it is on sale atm :monster:. But, I don't think I'd enjoy it much, Elite: Dangerous got very repetitive very fast too. Not enough direction / purpose in that game for my liking, it needs a storyline, something to work towards instead of (or in addition to) the sandbox where you need to set your own goals.

Downloading the update right now. Do take a look at the website above, as the sheer wealth of changes is undeniable. I mean, just take a look at the massive changelog and patch notes:

Third person camera for walking, jetpacking, swimming and in-ship flight
New player models
Completely reworked animation system
New animations for players, as well as NPCs and creatures
System and animations for gestures
Character customisation
Player character turns to look at points of interest
New get in / out of vehicle effect
Interactions show the player character where appropriate
Warping in ship is in third person
Resized various deployable tech to better fit third person mode

Real time missions
Scheduled missions
Multiplayer missions
Completely overhauled tutorial
New mission types – photography, feeding, freighter combat, archaeology, and specialised hunting missions
Guild envoy missions

Bases can be built anywhere
Players can own multiple bases
Hundreds of new base parts
Increased base complexity / size limits
Joint base building
Improved teleporting and selection between teleport destinations
Improved terrain editor modes and options to be more intuitive
Toned down saturation intensity of palette choices for colouring base building parts
Base terrain editing now stops when you hit the limit rather than overwriting old edits
Bases can now be deleted
Improved system for placing base building parts
Increased base building radius and made it expandable
Disabled base auto uploading, and added manual controls
Enabled downloading more than one external base from other players

Frigate fleets feature – including missions, upgrade system, system combat and exploration assistance
Overhauled base building inside player freighters
Reworked and added procedural textures to freighter bridge hologram planet
Redesigned path from freighter hangar to bridge
Improved speed of airlock doors opening on freighters

Reworked and rebalanced all core substances and resources
Deployable tech can now be picked up
Added refiner based crafting system
Added Craftable ammunition
Improved damage falloff on mining beam
Additional markers visible in analysis visor
Points of interest can be tagged from analysis visor
Latitude / longitude displayed on analysis visor
Improved HUD layout
HUD lines dynamically hidden with the corresponding UI elements
Improved notification layout
Improved build menu
Improved quick menu
Inventory stack splitting
New repair interface
All player owned ships can now be summoned
Added system for repairing damaged inventory slots
Backpack showing in your inventory will now match customised character backpack
Backpack bars display hazard protection and life support
In-ship map now highlights enemies
Improved docking indicators when flying
Completely reworked shop UI
Nanites no longer take up inventory slots
Scanning ships shows their slot count
Save slots are now sorted by timestamp
Galaxy map can show multiple markers for each system
Added dynamic suit protection inventory icon
Inventory full notifications now take into account cargo slots
Fixed camera voxel to star voxel in Galactic map
Can pin base building recipes on the HUD
Added danger icons to tentacle plants
Improved tech and product pinning, with more detailed guides to obtaining the build requirements
Improved compass
Improved HUD marker icons for objects of interest
Added multiplayer text chat on PC

Improved fog and increased draw distance
New terrain generation system for improved navigability and more varied earth-like and alien landscapes
Reduced situations where cave props can be spawned above ground
Improved particle systems fading out over distance
Added support for extremely large biome props
Improved and increased variety of clouds and cloud shadows seen from space
Improved planet surface rendering from space
Improved terrain lods and visuals when flying in from space
Improved colour selection during planet generation
Improved sky and fog colour selection
Tightened triplanar texture blend areas
New colour mapping system to create more varied and atmospheric visuals
Improved tree density
Tree size variation
Added empty systems, with no current inhabitants
Added abandoned systems, with derelict space stations
Improved storm visuals
Improved textures for ship, NPCs, and buildings
Added planetary ring system
Increased asteroids density in space
Improved space visuals
Added support for larger bodies of water
Character shadows for first person gameplay
Adjusted TAA settings to reduce shadow blurring on terrain
Added particle effect when flying above water
Splash particle effects
Inventory and pause menu now uses depth of field to blur in-game camera
Balanced intensity of lights in the Atlas station
Updated model of hologram backpack in suit upgrade chamber
Improved water surface and foam shaders
Improved water reflections to better match terrain
Improved imposter visuals and lighting to better match nearby objects
Switched object and terrain fading to use Blue Noise to give smoother transitions
Improved compression on some textures generated in-game
Improved terrain texture blending and selection
Improved sand and cave colour selection
Improved beach blending and visuals
Brightened cave interiors, especially at night
Improved storm effect fading as you enter buildings
Added gun model for ships
New high quality tree models and textures
Fixed an issue with landing pad UVs
Improved drone, quad and walker models
New drone texture effects
Added more varied underwater and underground objects
Improved appearance of Gravitino Balls
Major improvements to biome object placement
Improved crystal placement
Improved marker distances for gameplay props
Added terrain objects which cannot be destroyed by player ships
Improved colours, brightness, saturation of creature textures
Tweaked rock textures
Improved scale of underground objects
Tweaked poison blob particle effects
Improved cave biome glowing plant lights
Optimised cave biome prop performance
Improved bushes and underwater plants
Improved asteroid texture balance
Improved abandoned slimey diffuse colours
Improved under-foot dust effects
Improved heavy air in caves
Improved scale of gameplay plants
Improved toxic grass diffuse texture
Tweaked mountain fragments on certain biomes
Improved vertex displacement on flags to make them wave nicer
Improved smoke and damage effects on ships and distress beacons
Modified frequency of wordstones, crates, underground props and damaged machinery
Improved rare gem collection effect
Improved ship trail effects
New engine effect for ships

Overhauled space station interior
New space station marketplace
New style for stairs in space station
Redesigned look of teleporter in space station
Added variation to building interior layouts and props
Added a small ramp to the drop pod for easier access
Improved building frequency
Added LOD system for base building parts to increase draw distances and complexities

New underground ruins building type
Buried technology modules and blueprint analysis
Overhauled signal booster and navigation data input
Procedurally generated technology
Procedurally generated products
Improved creature pathfinding
Improved creature response to feeding
Herd behaviour for creatures
Improved scales and maximum sizes of creatures
Improved sentinel drone behaviour, proximity indicator and escape gameplay
Improved matching of creature body parts to their role
Coprite improvements
New hazardous fauna
New hazardous flora
Improved scan ranges for biome specific plants
Added new armoured drone type
Must use the terrain editor to mine resource deposits
Improved Colossus speed and fuel tanks / consumption
Different ship classes use different amounts of launch fuel
New name generation system for planets / ships / weapons / creatures
Increased variety in creature descriptions
Nada + Polo’s tasks are now tracked in the Mission Log
Fancier descriptions for planetary weather conditions
Changed starting Exosuit inventory size
Increased the number of Exosuit cargo slots available to purchase
Increased crafted item stack size in the Exosuit to 5

Climbing traversal more challenging and rewarding
Added ability to slide down cliffs
Player movement is more dynamic
Air resistance simulation for jetpack navigation
Multi-tool manual holstering / unholstering
Ship weapons can be used against ground targets
Splash damage added to ship weapons when used against ground targets
Improved low level flight, with destruction of terrain objects with which you collide
Fixed jitter on physics debris pieces
Stopped player colliding with tiny rocks on scorched biomes
Crit points on sentinel drones and quads
Combat scope module for the Multi-Tool
Personal forcefield module for the Multi-Tool
New grenade types
Improved weapon alternative mode, also with better HUD display
Sentinel drones can repair quads and walkers in battle
Improved sentinel quadruped behaviour, pouncing, evade
Improved walker behaviour with different attack modes
Extra armour plating added to sentinels arriving in combat
Fixed placement of off-planet markers and improved pulse drive flight towards marked destinations

Updated creature vocals
New third person foley for player and NPCs
Additional loading music and a new track when starting normal mode
Revised ship engine sounds
Added low flying ship sounds
Revised underwater sounds
Improved combat audio and overhauled Quad and Walker audio
New NPC vocals
New Frigate audio

Fixed a number of issues with atmospherics and water rendering on the horizon
Fixed text clipping issues in some languages
Fixed certain cases where opening the settings menu silently changed resolution
Fixes for several uncommon out of memory crashes
Fixed transition between lighting when flying to space
Fixed and improved a number of situations for flattening terrain around buildings
Fixed cases where terrain tiles could be missing or slow to appear while flying around or into planet
Fixed crashed freighters having underground treasure too low to mine down to
Prevented dead planets ever having atmospheres
Prevented some story-critical buildings being placed underwater
Fixed lighting issues with double sided leaf shaders
Fixed repetitive tiling textures on some foliage leaves
Fixed issues with loading some particularly large saves
Fix for superconductive lock bug
Voice chat quality and reliability improvements
Fixed scan events for players who have managed to go off-grid
Fix for edited terrain regions repeatedly regenerating themselves unnecessarily
Fixed rocks showing up as the wrong colour on frozen biomes
Fix occasional hang in asynchronous IO
Fixes for non-instance LODs
Added geometry streaming system
Made numerous memory savings to improve overall stability
Made the damaged machinery turn off the sparks and smoke effect when you have finished the interaction
Rebalanced AI ship damage
Balanced ship to ground target damage
High performance(1440p) and High Quality(2160p) rendering modes added for Xbox One X
Made numerous grass and foliage rendering optimisations
Optimised per-frame renderer memory usage
Optimised various engine components using async compute
Various optimisations
Various miscellaneous bug fixes
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That is impressive, I've played maybe an hour of the game, I'll have to download the patch. Part of the issue is it's the first game that computer sort of struggled to run :(

I badly want a new GPU, stupid bitcoin...


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Lucis Caelum


Discover a more varied, more diverse universe in the Visions update. Introducing new planetary biomes, more colourful worlds, new fauna and flora, archaeology, salvaging, and much more…​


New anomalous planet biomes create a weirder, more diverse universe to explore.​


Bizarre creatures have evolved on anomalous planets, bringing new life and movement to these eerie landscapes.​


The universe has become more alien, vibrant and exciting to explore. New shades of sky and grass enable more unique worlds and a more diverse set of science fiction aesthetics.​


New types of water create stranger worlds to be discovered both above and below the surface.​


Atmospherics and skies have been improved and stormy weather conditions can now produce rainbows in planetary atmospheres.​


Exotic planets can be searched to discover mysterious artifacts which can be claimed as trophies. These otherworldly objects can be rehoused in habitable bases to create a showcase of your voyages across the universe.​


With more varied planets come more reasons to explore. Unleash your inner archeologist and search the galaxy for planets containing the ancient bones of alien lifeforms. Complete, intact skeletons are particularly rare and especially valuable.​


Unearth the long-forgotten remains of fallen satellites and scrap them for salvagable parts. Explorers must use their multitool to dismantle the reinforced casing and extract the valuable technology within… but risk drawing the attention of new, challenging, corrupted sentinel drones.​


Those who endure the hazardous storms that blast extreme planets can seek out precious new crystal treasures. These spectacular natural formations become luminescent during the worst weather, and can be collected by intrepid explorers to be traded for a small fortune.​


New varieties of hazardous flora can now be found sprouting across the galaxies, ready to snare the unwary and reward the cautious. Carnivorous trap plants and bloated gas flora can be eliminated from afar, or carefully approached for extra substance rewards.​


Certain planets now feature strange alien rock creatures who will attempt to flee the heat of a mining laser. Mine these runaway minerals to extract concentrated resource rewards.​


A new Community Research mission allows explorers to share progress and work towards a common goal.
Discover the Visions universe together to unlock the new Eye of the Korvax helmet…
…as well as well as new emotes, building parts and a range of fireworks to celebrate any occasion.​


Crashed freighters are now procedurally generated, with dozens of possible configurations. Explore different crash site layouts and carve a path with your multitool to retrieve the valuable cargo buried nearby.​

Patch Notes:

Missions and Progression

  • Fixed an issue where players could be prevented from earning a free freighter in the tutorial.
  • Allowed the Dreams of the Deep mission to detect if the a Nautilon Chamber had been built nearby before the mission started.
  • Fixed an issue where missions that visited trade terminals could advance without their objective being completed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented higher level Aeration Membrane upgrade modules from appearing in the Space Station tech shops.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Freighter Hyperdrive upgrade modules from appearing in the Space Station tech shops.
  • Fixed an issue where players could fail to learn the Living Glass blueprint at the correct time.
  • Fixed an issue where players could fail to learn the Exocraft Boost blueprint at the correct time.
  • NipNip blueprints can now be acquired from the Base farmer after their mission chain is complete.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs awarding procedurally generated upgrade modules would select from an insufficiently random pool.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some doors + items that require Atlas Pass v1 from accepting v2 or v3.
  • Adjusted the behaviour of wanted level timers, so that the wanted level decays as the timer does.

  • Improved the appearance of the planetary readout from space.
  • Added a new section to the inventory item popup hinting at the item’s use.
  • Improved the visual feedback when collecting items, especially rare items.
  • Improved the text labels for armoured objects.
  • Added a filter for “Not Owned” to the Quicksilver Shop.
  • Fixed an issue which would allow players to browse their existing fleet whilst purchasing a new frigate.
  • Fixed a rare case where certain game inputs could temporarily fail to be recognised if remapped then reverted to defaults.
  • Prevented an erroneous boost icon appearing while piloting the Nautilon (on PS4 and Xbox One).
    Bases and Buildings
  • Fixed an issue preventing building multiples of storage container 1 (on PS4 and Xbox One).
    Planets and Discoveries
  • Fixed an issue where extreme weather planets could fail to generate storms.
  • Improved the distribution of ammonia and uranium on toxic and radioactive planets.
  • Improved some analysis visor text descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue where the terrain manipulator could destroy valuable objects.
  • Fixed an issue where other players’ discoveries could prevent fauna and flora from being scanned with the analysis visor.
  • Added identifiable descriptors for all anomalous planet types.
  • Fixed an issue where resource crystals (eg Di-Hydrogen) could be rediscovered on every planet.
  • Fixed an issue where many minerals would be called Yukovsite.
  • Allowed the torch to be used when exploring crashed freighters.

  • Fixed an issue where exocraft customisation colours could be incorrect until refreshed in the customiser.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with oversized fungi.
  • Fixed an issue where stationary objects could sometimes appear blurred.
  • Improved the draw distance on some exotic planet objects.

  • Fixed some out of memory crashes.
  • Fixed a crash when quitting the game during a gesture.
Now I'm feeling very tempted to get NMS...

You get a quick glimpse of several new features, like mount riding, possible multiplayer hubs, large multiplayer instances, and some more varied procedural options.

We know that there are three major pillars to this update: VR, multiplayer and a third undisclosed aspect to be revealed, but it looks like it's been tweaked considerably all round.
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