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Pics for Bounciest Boobies, Best Ass, Hottest Male, Hottest Female, etc.



circular winning:

1. Poast pics of polka dot boobs
2. Claim own breasts are better
3. Get challenged to poast breasts
4. Deny existence of polka dot bras
5. Get moar pictures of polka dot boobs
6. ?????

Although it's kinda more convoluted than "lolz poast pics 4 prize plx"


Chloe Frazer
Then go buy one now, the survival of this forum depends on it because if we don't get more of Tenny's boobies this forum and everyone in it will explode. :monster:
Gym Leader Devil, Death, Everybody's Grudge, Spike, Azathoth

If Yop posts a pic of himself in a polka dot bra I'll post more pics of myself in a polka dot bra. :monster:
Up the ante! Challenge his Yopness by agreeing to match him pic for pic in whatever bra he shows pics of Yop you can do a hand-bra with the fingers spread right? :wacky:


Paladin of Voltron
My boobs have been sh00ped onto a pic of Cthulhu.

I have reached immortality.

wait, are those my boobs?

nevermind, they're not, but still, I'll just pretend
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