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So, folks, I'm using a PS4 hooked up to an old RGB TV, and it shows games in black and white. Is there some setting I can tweak here to show colour, anything I can do about this without buying a new TV?
Sorry, wrong term. I meant RCA, I'm using a converter something like this

The TV may be something like 15 years old, pre HDMI. It works fine, but PS4 games and Blu-Rays show in black and white. I'm just wondering if there are some settings I can change or if I just live with it.


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Might need a component video cable rather than composite but your tv might not have that? Or an RGB SCART. I remember I had the same problem with Blu-rays on PS3 back when I didn't have an HDTV yet. Although PS3 games were still in color.

I think HDMI itself is also 15 - 16 years old by now actually :wacky:
I have a SCART, it doesn't make a difference. Yeah, PS3 games work fine on same TV. It's not a big enough deal to exert myself to do something about it, but I just got Resident Evil 2 and I wanted to have the proper experience if there was an easy way to fix it. Thanks.


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> got tlou with my ps4 and played it ages ago
> don't care about sports games


not liking how they have whittled down the amount of freeplay games to just 2 as well as no longer offering ones for older consoles. just add one more game at least. i feel like i'm paying more for the privilege of playing online now and i don't really care about that. i guess it helps for ~live service~ games but still. not happy

feel like i might have also said this before but my point still stands. more games please.

i remember them offering (at least from the japanese store) a load of old ps1 and occasionally ps2 games. throw in some old games now or does the ps4 just not have enough to make that a sustainable offer


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No more Facebook sharing on PS4.

PlayStation Support said:
Starting on October 7th, 2019 Facebook integration will no longer be supported on the PS4™ system. This includes Facebook’s share features such as posting gameplay and trophy activity and using the friend finder feature. We apologize for any inconvenience.

What this means for you:
PlayStation®4’s share features will remain the same, except Facebook will no longer be offered as a destination to share screenshots, videos, music, trophy details, or links to gameplay broadcasts.
  • Users will no longer have the ability to link their Facebook account to their PlayStation™Network account. This means Friends List features, such as adding friends from Facebook will be removed.
  • Profile pictures imported from Facebook will no longer be used. We recommend selecting a new picture for PlayStation® friends to identify you. There are multiple options for changing your profile picture on PS4™ to an Avatar or image of your choosing.
    • On PS4™, go to [Settings] > [Account Management] > [Account Information] > [Profile] > [Profile Picture]
    • Alternatively on PS4™, you can select your Profile from the Function area. Click on the [...] button to the right of [Set Online Status]. Then [Edit Profile] > [Profile Picture]
    • You can also upload an image in the PlayStation® App from your mobile device
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