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Announcing PlayStation’s new Partnership with Discord – SIE Blog – English

For all those who don't know. It's a communication platform, kinda like Skype / Zoom / Facebook / AVForums with elements of each.
So in the PC app, you can voice call, video call, and have groups (like Playstation Communities but better) allowing clumping of people to communicate with.

Ultimately, depending on features implemented, should allow looking for groups easier, and replace/duplicate most of the PSN comms functions. :)
Consumers Open Lawsuit Against Sony for Restricting Sales of Digital Games.

Article said:
Consumers have opened a class action lawsuit against Sony Interactive Entertainment for the restriction of sales of digital games through the PlayStation store. According to a report by Bloomberg, consumers filed the lawsuit due to Sony no longer allowing third party retailers to sell download codes for PlayStation games. This includes retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. [Thanks, Bloomberg!]

The report discloses the reason for the lawsuit, which alleges that Sony has a monopoly on the sale of digital PlayStation games. A statement from the consumers mentions that this monopoly allows Sony to charge significantly higher for the digital sales of PlayStations games when compared to physical releases. As it stands, Sony has not released a statement.

This lawsuit was filed recently after Sony announced that it would no longer be closing its PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita digital storefronts. Originally, Sony had planned to close the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable storefronts. However, the company effectively backtracked after the public’s general response to the decision. Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, released a statement, clarifying the company’s new stance on the previous generation digital storefronts. However, the PlayStation Portable store will still be closing on July 2, 2021.

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Update on this:
With so many of us having managed it at least once, I guess we could pull it off once again?

@Erotic Materia
Unless you think you have a good lead on this, I'll continue following the restock alerts and try procuring another one.
I managed to acquire a second console in a Walmart drop yesterday, so @X-SOLDIER should be able to play INTERmission on time next month.


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I mean I've sucked dick for less :sadpanda:
you know like how now you're expected to ~hustle~ all the time and everything you do for fun should instead be turned into a new way to profit

well that's kinda like my relationship with sucking dick

i saw a listing for a flat and there's a ps5 in the picture, and it says 'furnished' so i want to know if that includes the ps5
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