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Nani the fuck, weebs?
EDIT: although I think it's ridiculous people are saying the plasti-dip will melt (people coat their CARS in this shit, bruh), I do think he shouldn't have sprayed the clips. No way you're getting that off without potentially breaking something.

Not to mention he cuts away right before getting to the clips. Tricky, and a little deceitful.


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How the fuck do they say they couldn't "replicate" any problems, when the problems are the batteries dying? So the batteries will last forever? What a braindead reply.


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Performance RT, you love to hear it. Looked pretty damn good in the Spider-Man games and imo worth the slight hit in image sharpness. Nice that it's gonna be available day one too.


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can you buy a ps5 without camping out on a site yet

i might try doing that later this week when some stock is supposed to arrive but like, that's annoying. why can't you just let me register my interest now and then you sell me one

this is stupid, the internet sucks now

i almost considered getting one on ebay with the smallest mark up i could find, but i don't trust it not to just be a ps5 box full of cat litter or something when it gets here

why can't i just get a bloody console while i have money

and during pride month, this is a hate crime

if anyone in the uk gets an extra one they're willing to sell, i will pay exactly retail price for one


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i got an email from game telling me they're packing my order for the red controller

maybe they can fix there site so the button that says preorder for ps5 consoles later this month will actually let me preorder it and not just take me back the general ps5 info page. i know what a ps5 is, i'm trying to give you money for one and you won't let me

i might go back to not bothering trying to get one until it has better stock availability. i just saw people posting ff7r stuff and i wanted to be a part of it
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