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Yeesh, I'd wondered why my Amazon JP order got pushed back, I had no idea about this. It's been said already, PAKs can be very inconsistent, but I've not seen one look quite like this since the old 2005 AC Play Arts. Here's hoping they're legitimately fixing the issue - I'll post some images of my order when it gets here, I think it's due for the middle of next month some time. Would be nice if I got a fixed one...


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Bit of a random question but does anyone know if we can buy FF7 merchandise made out of wood somewhere? I'd love to have the FF7R Meteor on my wall... you know, the Meteor from the Logo cut out of a wooden board. I think it would look amazing with LED lights put behind it... I'm awful at explaining this lmao. Has anyone ever seen merchandise like that around? Or does anyone has experience with this stuff like that and knows how expensive a customized order like that would be?


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Thanks for your answers! :) Hmm, I kinda figured that merch like that doesn't exist. I really wonder how expensive it would be though. Never had anything for me customized. I would be happy with just the silhouette of the meteor and a cheap wooden board you can get in every diy warehouse would be fine too. I'd paint it and attach the lights myself. I'll look around and hopefully I will find a shop that can do that.


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This is aweeesome.

I was able to pre-order the hardcover version from Barnes & Noble.

I wonder why they decided to translate the Material Ultimania over the regular Ultimania? Maybe because there's less text? To those who have both, which one do you prefer to flip through?


That sounds like awesome news indeed! If I buy one, it'll be my very first official FF merch item. Yay! I mean, I have a couple of fan-made things, but it's not quite the same feeling, you know. But ordering the book will probably be possible for me only if Audrey enables it for international sales via her shop, otherwise... It sucks being outside of SE's shipping coverage.

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A few weeks ago, SE reached out to say they're in a spot now where they can begin processing refunds/replacements for their Cloud & Hardy Daytona model.

Long story short, they sent me a completely new model and told me not to worry about sending the old one, because it's been so long. So now I have two of them 😎


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So when are they gonna be in a spot to replace Tifa's face? :monster:

Thats not accurate. It ain't just her face that's the issue.


$180 and they can't even cut the fucking figure right. WTF, is this "my first Gundam model kit?" Holy shit, this is embarrassing and people still waiting on replacements or refunds.

Buyer beware.
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