Report: PS3, Vita, And PSP Stores To Be Permanently Closed In A Few Months

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Film and music come from a live tradition of performance art that is older than agriculture. Digital toys, conversely, needed to be co-opted by artists to elicit the same kinds of responses in a human audience — that wasn’t the case in 1972. That was something people brought to games, not part of their core identity. So, digital games/puzzles/toys come from a tradition of product, their audience consumers. They are respected as far as they are profitable.


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it probably depends on how the people in charge view what gets made. games are actually not the worst, old broadcast television is. there’s heaps of stuff no one will ever see again because it wasn’t properly archived either through unintentional oversights like improper storage or because the networks didn’t really care if it survived because they got the advertising money already and the programming was just a vessel to getting that money. it’s probably easier now with streaming (and people ripping those) but there’s programs that no one recorded or did but that’s lost now (i was looking though my old vhs tapes at my dad’s and some them have mould growing on them because they aren’t properly stored) because they were broadcast once and never got a physical release. if all you view something as is a way to make money you’re probably not going to work hard to save them. there are surely tons of b-movies that were cheaply made to fill a matinee that will never be seen again, cheap pulpy books that have either rotted or being destroyed. a bunch of early silent film is lost partly because it wasn’t viewed as a budding art form but just a weird frivolous novelty

at least video games, like old books and such, tended to have physical media that can be digitised to preserve them.

it’s everyone’s moral obligation to rip every game they have because the people who own the legal rights don’t care if it’s not about making ceos richer

the future needs shrek 2 the video game


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It never ceases to amaze me how the film and music industries, which have existed for decades longer than the gaming industry, have managed to do a much better job at preserving their works of art and the gaming industry somehow lets that go in one ear and out the other. And since Sony has had a lengthy history in all 3, that company more than any other should fucking know better!


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Bleh. I like digital purchases, they mean less shit I have to store and box when moving (looking at you, giant box of CDs I should have given away ages ago) plus it's so handy to not have to go to a physical store to get them. Shutting down the digital interface is bullshit. Anyway I have room for like two games on my old PS3, currently Yakuza 4 and 5. I can't be arsed to shift things around. But iirc I have physical copies of all my FF 13 and Uncharted games.

If they're gonna start the same shit with PS4 tho... maybe I'll just switch brands eventually. This is lame. What happened to caring for the environment?

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Well, I went ahead and bought 1 title on PS3's digital store before the shutdown; Darkstalkers Resurrection (which is basically the arcade versions of all 3 Darkstalkers games). Yet I still have the PS1 version of the original Darkstalkers on my same PS3 console. Should I delete the latter?

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Thoughtful consideration my ass! This is the same company that signs the checks of someone who brazenly LIED about whether or not I want to play previous generation games!

And as for that suicide battery thing? That's been around since the days of the CPS2 arcade board.


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Don't know about arcade hardware but the death of (clock) battery didn't cause games to become unplayable in pre-internet connection consoles, like PS2.
Not sure if this counts, but I believe the clock battery of the Philips CDI is also a contender. Frame Rater on YouTube has a good video about it -- you basically need to make sure you buy one that's been 100% restored, if you're collecting retro consoles. I believe I saw another video about how fiddly this is to do yourself, because the battery you need to replace is covered by some kind of ceramic protector, so you need to be really careful and use a dremel.


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Being able to download purchased titles is a big improvement, but the caveat is that one has to wonder how long that feature will stick around after closure. Still, it’s something that definitely makes this better, so it shouldn’t be glossed over.
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