smilies anyone?


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It does load sequentially, actually. But I guess what you mean is, you'd like the window to stay the same width all the time while loading? Could be fixed, but would also mean different widths for different devices, so it would need a bit of testing to make sure some users aren't missing out on any emojis.
Sequential as in not having multiple images loading at once. It does do this sequentially, yes, but I think loading multiple at once slows down the process. Certainly slows down my computer :P.


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Oh, like, finish one image before starting loading another? That's rather atypical browser behaviour.
A better (and more standard) solution would be to just load thumbnails for every image/gif, and then make them clickable for full size, or whatnot. But, that means fiddling in vB, and, well, nobody's about to want to bother with that :P
^That would be a good alternative. I'm just comparing it to sites like giphy, which seem to handle the loading process better, even when several gifs load at a time sequentially as it does here. Seems to be slightly faster there.


ATM the page is 51 MB in size, so that's probably the problem :monster:.

A relatively easy to install solution would be to (re) set-up mod_pagespeed and enable the lazyload filter, which automagically changes regular image tags to smartish javascript bits that will only start loading the image when it becomes visible in the viewport.

Another one is off course to migrate to discourse, :flipmonster:. That smiley list seems to be tabbed and not show everything in full size. I'd probably opt to move macros to their own smol site / page / app with a box of code on how to include it in poasts.


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Yes for the love of KERMITU

it would make it easier for us to practice our faith and spread the word of FRAWG!


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Thanks, Force. I honestly forgot that we even HAVE a smiley window, because I haven't seen it in my UI on this forum in... basically ever. I saw it for the first time a couple days ago when the missus registered. :awesomonster:

X :neo:
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