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Kanthos, Cacti Kanth
Finally had a look through the schedule for this year's AGDQ and noticed one of my friends will be running one of the first games! She's the one running inFAMOUS First Light. Will be interesting seeing someone who was a regular viewer when I still streamed do a run at the event!

Another run I'm looking forward to will be CovertMuffin's run of Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy. His run at the last event was my favorite. Can't wait for this year's run. Fuhahaha

Mao Shizhong

I remember when I first bought FFVII, the back of the instruction booklet had an advert for the PS1 memory card, and I distinctly remember seeing the phrase "Try beating Final Fantasy VII without it!".

Yeah, no. That would be a great speedrun idea though....if not already done (which it probably has.....)


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It definitely has. :monster: There are even ODINS (One Day In No Saves) and HDINS (Half Day In No Saves) challenges. I might do the former sometime on stream.


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Nope, no sleep. He probably got some rest during X because of cutscenes, maybe a 2 minute nap? Not sure, naturally I didn't watch the whole thing :lol:


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Impressive. This might be the longest continuous run i can think of.

There is the old baten kaitos 100% run at 341 hours but that dude factors in sleep into the run haha.


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There're links to all the runs in the video, but I really wanted to just show this summary. Also, between Karl Jobst & Summoning Salt, there's some really great content focusing on covering, explaining, and highlighting speedrunners if you dig this.

X :neo:


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Ohai this thread!
So, remember the guy Metako I was talking about that finished a I - XII run then did several attempts at I - XIII? Well apparently in August he actually finished I through XV. In one sitting. It took 92 hours something.

He says he did take 1 hour naps about every 24 hours and that it made a major difference from his previous attempts. But still.

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