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Most high profile social media celebrities seem like decent people (don't know if they actually are, they just seem that way) but it's kind of clear even from the outside that Dream is not the kindest guy out there. In his two apologies, he did nothing except deflecting blame and trying to pin it on others.


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It’s really interesting how many times “HUGE DISCOVERY CHANGES GAME FOREVER” as a headline pops up in speedrunning news. The more interesting thing is that they’re often exactly correct. I can’t really think of a cultural thing that has its boundaries pushed as often as speedrunning.
From my DCFFVII Research Thread

Dirge of Cerberus has now been utterly broken by yours truly. September 18, 2021, is now FF7 history.

Raising the reticle gives Vincent a jolt upwards. This is the same with raising the sniper scope zoom, at least when exiting with the melee button. The normal first- and third person reticle is limited to one raising per midair flight. However, the sniper scope does not have that limit.

Set "zoom" to an easy-to-mash button. Jump, then press the zoom trigger and then use the melee button to exit. Repeat this process as fast as you can. Vincent's fall will slow down! If your timing is perfect, you'll slow Vincent down to a halt.

Vincent can still move around in midair. This means you'll now have an immensely extended hover so long as you can keep the mashing going. This is what I call the "Sniper Hover". It has multiple use cases and blows the game open. Confirmed on both console and emulator.

The cardkey can be preserved and its best use is for Ch6 where it can be used to skip the choppers.

This trick is going to shave off AT LEAST 7 minutes but almost certainly more.

You can gain height indefinitely. By doing the zoom-unzoom technique when Vincent is in his first jump, he'll gradually climb upwards. If you do the technique after his double-jump you can only maintain your current height or fall down.

*UPDATE #2: Sniper Scope isn't even needed! You can do the Hover Climb anyway. Thanks to NT1_Evolution for noticing. It is the "R3"-zoom that allows infinite re-raisings, not the sniper scope itself.
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Congratulations Shad! VICTORY!!!


I know you've been hoping/praying for an exploit like this in Dirge for a while. AND YOU FOUND IT! I remember when you were happy just to help the chapter 3 route by pointing out some ammo a runner could pick up. But this changes everything. Your name shall be forever etched onto the halls of Dirge Valhalla.
Here's hoping that Crisis Core, too, can get major glitches at some point. There is currently no "glitchless" category on the Crisis Core leaderboard because glitchless is all that exists.

When the first Dirge of Cerberus run happens with Zoom Climb and Zoom Hover, the leaderboard will be divided into "Any%" and "Any% No Major Glitches" where the latter will not allow the glitched hover.

I should probably specify that the videos of me performing the zoom climb and zoom hover are tool-assisted, so they are not representative of RTA. But the climbs are confirmed realistic for humans. The glitch truly is filtering out who is good at alternating fast between Zoom and Cancel/Melee. Performing a melee attack in midair will remove the ability to hover, so you'll fall straight down and have to start all over. You have to be fast AND perfect. It is super easy to accidentally press Cancel one too many times and perform a melee.

The tall gate in Ch6-2 that I showed above took 10-11 seconds with tool-assistance. In real-time on console...it took me 43 seconds. Gaining height is physically taxing because of how fast you need to mash. One of the top Dirge speedrunners was able to make the same climb in 28 seconds. Already we are seeing a big distinction between who is great at zoom climb and who is not.

Example of me doing the zoom climb on console, losing lots of height at the start because I'm not entering a good rhythm fast enough:

A fully TAS'd playthrough of this game is now going to look thoroughly bonkers.

And only just now did I realize how appropriate it is that Vincent of all characters turned out to have this glitched hover-and-climb ability. :monster: From his very first appearance in the original game, being "floaty" has been kind of his deal.
The insanity that is FF7 (OG) speedrunning continues. A way to skip the flashback sequences in Kalm was recently found and it is possible to perform on all versions of the game.

Highly recommend this video explaining the whole deal.

EDIT: When asking the video uploader about how much timesave this skip will lead to, this was their reply. =)
Jake Dooley said:
Currently, I'd say it saves about 17 minutes optimally.
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More DMC speedrun goodness, Waifu gets a world record in the 100% Dante Must Die category. 100% means all S ranks, all Secret Missions, all blue orbs, and all shop items. This is the first ever sub 1:25, the previous world record was the first ever deathless run of its kind by slickford. This run is over 8 minutes faster than that due to new strategies and better execution.

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