Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


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I would be 1000% ok with this. It would be an excellent way of expanding things with the characters in a way that a movie doesn't have time for, especially when it comes to what individual shenanigans the characters get up to in their own realities.

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Just came from watching the movie and...it was...EXCELLENT :hearteyes:.

It's been 14 years since the last good Spider-Man movie (Spider-Man 3 is fine, the two Amazing Spider-Man were below average and Homecoming was just average).

Probably the animated movie with the most idiosyncratic animation of any animated film in the last years, it just soooo beautiful to look at, from the colorful backgrounds to the expresive motions of the characters and other small (comicbook) visual details (such as motion lines, text boxes, onomatopeyas and others), framing and shot composition, and distinctive designs for each Spider character. I just can't keep gushing about the visuals :hearteyes:.

Milles Morales makes a strong debut as lead character of the movie carrying a strong character arc of a kid struggling with the expectations and responsabiblities placed on him, which also conflict with what he wants to be and the path he wants to take (we all had to deal with this at one point, minus the Spider stuff). And the movie is smart to figure that the multiverse shenanigans should be used just as a framing device for Milles story and not be itself the story.

The soundtrack is also on fire!!

The movie is so packed, the movie is 1 hour and 47 minutes (minus the credits) but it feels like a 2 hours and half movie (in a good way), no second is wasted, every sequence feels that has its purpose, whether it be to move the plot forward, flesh out and develop characters or develop its themes. It also helps that the movie abridges the "origin" and "training" part of the superhero story and goes mostly straight to the point.

This movie could have easily been another cash grab franchise cinematic universe movie but it completely avoided that, while still stablishing a cinematic universe franchise, and now I want more.

Sony Pictures had and excellent start in their redemption arc, let's hope they can keep with that.

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