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[SPOILERS] Kingdom Hearts III Spoiler Thread


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I always knew it would be difficult to negotiate between the independent subsidiaries, but the issue with the other contracts and the KH1 anecdote he gave were particularly illuminating. I'm glad though, because I don't want them either.


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This interview was posted a few days ago, but here's the one with the series co-director Tai Yasue.

And if you thought the micro-managing with Disney was not that bad.

It was.

I love how he politely but honestly reveals the insane hoops and stipulations Disney saddled on them.

Q: How did you choose the characters for Linking?
A: In the case of Links, during our conversations with Disney, it was decided that we wouldn't make it so that Sora could call friends from other worlds to the world he was currently in. However, in saying that, as we couldn't make the "Summon" ability from past games, we set it so that instead of truly calling his real friends, it was more like "depending on the connection to Sora's heart, and magic, friends could be brought forth". When thinking about how to make the biggest impact when matching up the friends and magic, we settled on matchups like "Simba + fire" or "Ariel + water".
LOL, Disney didn't want other Disney characters appearing in other Disney worlds. This was the kind of shit they had to work around.

From the looks of this, Disney actually tightened the reigns and revoked some control the developers had with the characters this time. This is just.. strange.

I also love the admission the "Attraction Flows" were just bullshit nonsense Nomura wanted to add because reasons. I fucking hated how overpowered they were and how they had zero explanation to how they existed. The game is piss easy and the attraction flow mechanic is a major reason why. I just stopped using them because they made the game braindead easy.

But yeah, it's sorta weird how Disney tightened the screws this time around. It's clearly obvious something changed, and I'm not sure what. Greater popularity resulting in greater scrutiny, maybe?


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Disney is getting a lost stricter with their copyright because we aren't far off from the first Mickey Mouse cartoons becoming public domain.

I don't know the specifics about what's going on there, but I've heard a couple of people mention that it's something they're sweating about.


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they already lobbied to get copyright law change to keep control of mickey mouse before and that’s how we have the laws as they currently stand iirc, i imagine they will be trying to do it again. i can’t see a company that now holds the rights to large swaths of western popular culture standing by as their most iconic character goes into public domain


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We all know that the next future Kingdom Hearts game will begin the Foretellers Saga(or whatever Nomura decides to call it), right? Well, I just began to think that maybe it had already started as the Xehanort Saga began to close. The Foretellers first appeared in Kingdom Hearts X(Chi) on PC in Japan before it was shut down, right? And then it was followed up by Unchained X before it was renamed as Union X, and then there's Back Cover.

So in a way, the Foretellers Saga already has two(or three if you want to count on Union X's rename as a new title rather than a name-change) titles almost completed with Union X still on-going as the game waits for it's next story update.
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