Sweetest Ass


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I think there's a couple of million gay men knocking on your door wanting to beat the crap out of you now :P
Theres a joke in here somewhere but I'm too tired to think of it....

Alessa Gillespie

a letter to my future self
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honestly my ass does a really good job as karkat...

Master Bates

Do you enjoy your life?
Mr. Koiwai
Great God, thank you so much. After hours of waiting, these brave women finally showcased their sexy asses.

Now where are the jingledangling balls? :sadpanda:

I honestly do not want to see them. /thehorror
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You do remember Ice Prince don't you?
Although using the term "man" to describe him is a tad far fetched. He would be the only person I know of who would shave his ass to impress others.


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Only took someone three hours to check the filename, huh?

It took awhile for this thread to become great, but it's definitely there now.
You're welcome.

Now that is a mans arse I can get excited about! :awesome:

edit: i also propose that the rest of this thread is just continual copy and pasting of this image.
Cans do.

No mans ass looks like that... ive checked :P
Every man's ass? In the world?
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