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The Epic Final Fantasy Medleys

Oh my goodness, that was awesome. I am also in the camp of disliking VIII, but the soundtrack is amongst the best in the series, and this version is off the charts.
I'm only now introducing myself to these works. Very, very impressive! It's not so much the playing of each instrument that is great as it is the overall arrangement - the transitions (clever and smooth), the ideas for each song (selection of instruments etc.). Exceptionally professional with ingenious creativity!


Perfection! I always get chills when watching the ending, and now I can do so with an arranged version of the music.

Would you mind if we featured this in a front page article? Will include proper links to your YouTube channel and appropriate credits etc.?


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Hey guys :)
I'm proud to announce the return of the Epic FF Medley series !!
There were lots of themes from FF9 I couldn't include in my original Medley, so... I decided to do a Part 2 ;)
Enjoy !

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