The Official TLS Movie Night Thread


Marty McFlyin’
Movie night was fun! I’ll try to get on earlier next time. My time zone makes it more like Movie Afternoon & Early Evening :P

Speaking of Muricagiving, my brother and I had an odd tradition many moons ago to watch AC the day before or day of Thanksgiving. It was so random.


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That could work. At least then we'd have some translation for the kanji on the screen, which SE never bothered to change for the English release.
Well, hell, looks like we'll be having another Movie Night this month!!! The holiday we'd technically be celebrating is Thanksgiving, but the theme of 'Thanks' is a little too specific and 'slaughtering of indigenous peoples' kills the mood so we'll make this a freebie. :monster:

Nominate what you like!
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The Princess Bride - and if it doesn't hit the top 5, I have only one word to say: "INCONCEIVABLE!"

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - fits the Thanksgiving/holiday season, and although I don't swear myself (outside my story, that is), Steve Martin's use of like twenty F-bombs in under five minutes is classic and hilarious!

Spaceballs - need I say more?

Robin Hood: Men in Tights - again, no explanation needed. Dancing merry men in tights abound.

The Matrix - the first (and best, imo) in the trilogy

Tremors - classic monster movie that's more funny than scary. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward play off each other perfectly

Die Hard - one of the best action movies of all time
omg I meant to post about this sooner tehehe!

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