Three Reasons Why There Shouldn’t Be a Final Fantasy VII Remake

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As many of us know the Final Fantasy series is a long running one with Final Fantasy VII considered as one of the best, if not THE best, rpgs to ever grace a console. Most fans of the classic are calling for a PS3 remake of the game.
Those calls have gotten even louder since FFVII recently became avaialble for purchase via PSN. Square Enix has responded with several different reason why they consider a remake of the game to be impossible. I ,for one, hope Square Enix sticks with their guns and ignore fanboys’ pleads for a remake of FFVII. Why? I’ll give you three reasons.
#3. Development time
Square Enix is notoriously slow in developing Final Fantasy games. If they started on a remake this year I can see the following 3-5 years being scattered with the occasional release of CG trailers and limited number of screenshots at the usual big events as well as behind closed doors. Besides, if I want to see Cloud and the gang in full next gen graphics I’ll pop in my copy of FFVII: Advent Children.
#2. Change

If Square Enix does decide to milk FFVII with a remake then there’s a chance that the company may favor making alot of changes to the menu heavy battle system. Taking turns bonking an enemy over the head was never a problem for rpgs during the PS1 and PS2 generation but nowadays everything’s got to be fast paced and simplistic. FFXIII being an example of that.
To be fair the Final Fantasy series doesn’t have an assigned team to work exclusively on the games so the chances that the ones responsible for FFXIII working on a FFVII remake are slim. With that being said there are very few members left at Square Enix who worked on FFVII back when the company was called Square Soft. So one way or another a FFVII remake could be left in the hands of a new team who may decide to update the game engine for the sake of attracting a “new audience.”
#1. And the number one reason I do not want a FFVII remake is because the game is a Masterpiece.

Say what you will about FFVII but we can all agree that no one to this day has produced an rpg with such an involving, character driven story . Not even Square Enix. I’ve come to consider the title a fluke because of this fact.
Everything came together in FFVII. From the story, the music, the villains, the heroes, the plot twists, the game world…everything seamed together creating the best rpg experience I’ve ever had in my gaming lifetime and one I don’t expect to ever have again.
Allowing someone to remake FFVII will be like handing a random person off the street a paint brush and telling him/her to replicate the Mona Lisa. No matter how close to the original it may look it will never be the same. I personally do not want anyone trying to replicate FFVII.
I can live with the CG movie adaptions, the prequels and spin offs made for handheld systems , the guest appearances in other games… Just please,Square Enix, do this fan a favor and DONOT REMAKE FFVII.

Does this read like a dumbass article to anyone else?

I take special issue with this comment in particular:

Allowing someone to remake FFVII will be like handing a random person off the street a paint brush and telling him/her to replicate the Mona Lisa
Man what the fuck


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I'm surprised he was able to even type up an article on a remake, in-between spooning his mint condition copy of FFVII under the moonlight and making out with it.

Christ, its obvious he hasn't played many games in his life. Poor thing.
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So basically they don't want a remake because Square might change stuff?... well you know they might NOT change stuff as well :monster:

Yeah I'm someone who doesn't want a remake but even I disagree with this. I don't want a remake for other reasons that I've said before but even I have to admit if they did do a remake, it wouldn't be like what this guy's saying.

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Allowing someone to remake FFVII will be like handing a random person off the street a paint brush and telling him/her to replicate the Mona Lisa
i've been pretty disappointed with square enix lately but come on i give them more credit than this analogy does what the fuck


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I don't see how change is a good reason to be against a remake.

Fuck yeah, of course I want an updated battle system and shit. It's not like the old ATB is shit or anything like that, but it's not the non-plus-ultra by far.

Also, Mona Lisa? Wtf.


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I never knew such a vast majority of original FFVII fans were old white Republicans. Simply fascinating.

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Yeah, definitely don't want a remake of this thing, but those reasons are fucking retarded.

I thought reason no. 2 ("They'd improve the battle system, oh noooo!") was stupid as shit, but upon rereading it, is reason no. 3 seriously "We'd have to wait for this thing that I don't want anyway"?
I do want one. Because I'm curious, and because I know I'd enjoy it.

Why would I enjoy it? Well, the answer is:

There's a possibility they would get it right, in which case it's obvious I'd enjoy it.
If they get it wrong, I'll enjoy the shiny new graphics and depictions of old scenes I remind of when I was so younger, and guess what?? This won't make my old game disappear!! :D

You know, people who go "Square, don't remake the game plx" don't make much sense. If YOU don't want a remake, don't play it, but maybe there's people who would still enjoy it.

At first I was a bit uneasy about a remake, even if I still wanted it. Right now, I'm perfectly fine with it, because as I've said, my FF7 CDs won't disappear and I can play them until the end of time, if I want to.

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A point I would like to make regarding his Mona Lisa analogy. If you have a random dude try to recreate Mona Lisa, and he failed miserably, the original will still exist. You can go look at it. Same with an FFVII remake. If they remake it and it sucks, you still have your old PS1 discs, or if they fail you can download th PSN version.


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Comparing Final Fantasy VII to the Mona Lisa is like comparing My Immortal to Shakespeare.


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You say that like it hasn't been done :monster:
I'm sure it has. There is no shortage of idiots in the world. Although on second thought it's much more likely that anyone who compares My Immortal to Shakespeare would be trolling.


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Allowing someone to remake FFVII will be like handing a random person off the street a paint brush and telling him/her to replicate the Mona Lisa
Yeah, after all SE is full of random guys who don't know zip about programming or graphic design :monster:

This guy is a zealot, that's for sure.


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What if that random people on the street with the paint brush made his own rendition of the Mona Lisa that was different from the original but awesome in its own way?
I don't think it's crap, but I do think it is overrated. Like, probably in all this time lots of myths came about it, that made it overpopular. Like, about its' smile and such.
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