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Earlier in the day, I was feeling mildly down because I was bummed all over again about my lost chibis and I was lamenting over the silly image hosting account that was closed (which was where I stored most of the chibis). In particular, I wanted the unreleased chibi of Shademp since his was the only one that’s technically incompete.

But omg guys!!!

I said to myself, "Fuck it." and decided that I was going to try to recover the account for the last time because there was no way I could salvage the portrait without it. I emailed the bastards who closed my account, caused a whole stir, and to my UTTER surprise, they got back to me only a few hours later!!! They said, "lmao sorry about the inconvenience." and..... THEY OPENED MY ACCOUNT


:aah::aah::aah::aah::aah:I HAVE ALL MY CHIBIS AGAIN.:aah::aah::aah::aah::aah:
Except Shademp’s





I’m so happy and relieved after all of that needless drama and angst!
So yay this can be a thing again. I just finished mine today so I reckon I can present this picture:

This was supposed to be a trio with Shademp being the third, but my dumbass apparently didn’t preserve his chibi in that lost account :okay:

Oh well... I’ll figure it out.

Hype y’all!
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Those santa hats look individually drawn. Must've taken a little while :monster:.

Good job :monster:


Lemme squash that belief right nooooooow LOL.

I started out by drawing them individually, but shit was taking longer than I anticipated and I was laying in bed drawing like
I wanted to get this out BEFORE I packed and got ready for my trip so I just copy-pasta’d a whole bunch of hats fam! I’m no superwoman :okay:


Omg speaking of this project, I wanted to have this done back in September but it got moved to this, but now that we’ve reached here I still don’t think I’m done! I sort of want this to be a living thing shifts and changes over time but never dies, kinda like the LTD except more fun and emotionally rewarding. :megusta:

So as the community grows, maybe this portrait will, too. I can’t wait to see our holiday “shot” next year and see which new faces have been added on 😜

I'm so glad you go your account back. The thought you've put into all the little details of the chibis is really heart-warming. No wonder your little charges love you.
I NEVER RESPONDED TO THIS CUZ I WAS FEELING SHY!! But it means soooo so much!!! Omg my heart!! 😭😭😭😭
chibi me like one of your anime girls
time to bust out the ol' SURVEY!!

  1. Would you like your avatar in the portrait to reflect the avatar you have on the forum as of the time of this exchange?
    >If not, please send me a photo of the image you’d like portrayed in your portrait avatar (it can be an image of yourself, a favourite character, a pet etc etc).
  2. Do you want a name other than your current username hovering over your avatar?
  3. Do you have any preferences for the age you’re portrayed as?
    >If not, you’ll be portrayed as whatever group you belong in.
  4. Do you have any preference as for the type of expression/attitude/pose your avatar is sporting? (default is neutral/looking generally content).
  5. Do you have any other specifications you’d like to include (certain clothes, certain colours,
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