TLS Family Portrait Thread

Is this a good idea?

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  • "You know, sometimes life will toss your Baked Alaska right in the rubbish bin. And you scream and s

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Joe, Arcana
Of course it only makes sense for Cookie Monster to loom ever larger :closedmonster:

Fancy don't you think it's about time you added yourself to this portrait. That may have sounded like a question but it was actually a demand. A staff demand. This comes all the way from the top.


Bad Habit
Ruby Rose, Lucy
omg the Yop and Lex looming over is amazeballs - but I agree, Cookie Monster is forever supreme.

Everyone looks great but I love (and think the most) accurate depictions of Mage and Flare - I mean, we all look different but you really managed to capture what distinct features they have and they're awesome XD <3
A little more than a year ago, I made a PROMISE Mr Frodo, A PROMISE.

“Finish this project, Fancy Sycamore. And I did mean to.”

But then life happened and I just didn’t have the time, resources, (and, at times, the motivation) to finish. Between losing all the project data, moving, and working long hours at the new job(s), 25th September totally snuck up on me!! And I’m ashamed to say that the family portrait simply isn’t finished.... yet.

I’ve missed the anniversary of this site... yet, I am still determined to finish this :P

My projection now is: Christmas Day. I’ve missed 25th September, but let’s hope that with sharper time management on my part (and better resources—I finally caved and bought a laptop to bring with me when I’m away from home), I can finish 25th December. :P

Merci beaucoup and uh... wish me luck!! :wacky:



Wide and Slow
Good luck Fancy! The work you did already is super gorgeous and special and you should feel really proud <3 Also, please don't like stress yourself out or put too much pressure on yourself! If you don't finish, you don't finish and that's okay and you still made great things along the way. So. Yeah. Take it easy dude!
holy shit another group shot what i met a goal say what


What's hilarious is that Tel and B are going to be even smoller when put against the rest of the chibis bc sab is a child in this pic and Tel and B are babies. :megusta:


As some of you may know, I lost all of my data for this project when one of my drives exploded. If folks would be so kind as to send me the png file of their chibi, that would help me loads. I do plan on paying for recovery service, but I'm not sure when that will be (it costs a pretty penny). Thanks!
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