TLS Instagram: Call for Content


Rose Tyler
Hello, everyone! TLS now has an Instagram account!

If you have any FF related images you would be okay with having posted, whether that be art, photography, or screenshots from games, please let me know either in this thread or via PM, and also post a link to your Instagram if you have one!

I also plan on highlighting site and member updates using the Instastories. If you have something you would like highlighted, such as if you are a streaming or doing anything else geeky/nerdy/ff-related, let me know and I'll try to get them on the story.

If you have no content to contribute, no worries! Please still follow the account, and let me know if you have an Instagram account so the TLS account can follow you!


Rose Tyler
@Rishi: Holy shit I never knew you could do stuff like that! That's amazing! :O

@Tetsujin: That photo is pretty awesome, though. I'll totally post it.


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@Flare and I have been discussing what we we’re going to do for the banner for the upcoming, ‘TLS RANKS FF SONGS’ event. If either of us are able to give you an adorable picture of a widely recognised FF creature playing an instrument by the end of today, that would make for a fun ad for the event, eh? Like “Hey, we’re doing this cool fun thing, come join us mebbe?”


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My suggestion would be to have multiple people with access to the TLS Instagram account, who coordinate together to post content. Seems like we have the interest.
I think this is a great idea and something I'd been thinking about myself :mon: I think it could be effective to diversify content, and could potentially increase activity as we would be able to cover a wider range of timezones.

If we're worried about tone consistency, we could collectively come up with a general clause of guidelines to ensure that we're on "brand" and run content by each other before posting to confirm that everybody is on board with what's being posted. Thoughts?
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