TLS party for Dungeons and Dragons!

The G'randiest' Daddy

Teh Bunneh of Doom

As y'all know, I'm moving soon, and A will not be doing so as of yet. This means that a) I will be very busy, especially once I've landed, and I will not know what my exact situation is for a while, as well as b) the internet on the farm is terrible, so Airling will not be able to really join in on sessions.

I would like to do a sort of hiatus, for a bit, due to this. I would also like to suggest perhaps doing a few solo sessions, which will be easier for me to organise, hopefully sate each individuals' lust for DnD, and also add some spice to things. This idea has not been fully developed in my head, so if there are any pitfalls you can see, go ahead and bring them up please - I want to do right by everyone.

I would still like to run at least one session before I leave, though I'm not sure if I will be able to (aside from the spooptober session, that is).

Thoughts? Comments? Pleas? Insults? Innuendos?
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