UNCHARTED 4: A Thief's End


AKA: SalihGuclu
I loaded my PS4 save and many trophies were left out. Loaded my other save and few more popped up, but still missing half of my trophies. Oh well, don't really care :)

EDIT: Btw, the PS5 version feels clunky, I played the PS4 version few days ago for warming up and had no trouble with aiming and shooting, nor did I have issue with running and going into cover. The climbing feels clunky as well, I can't reach out to edges where he is suppose to jump to, have to go back and forth before he reaches his arm or hand out. The PS5 feels different somehow, am I the only one?

EDIT 2: Nvm, maybe I had to get used to the 60fps. Feels better today.
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