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Oh, I skip that and just use Guest check out.

Since the membership does shit except let you acquire points to redeem members rewards but the "prizes" require you to pay $10 shipping and can't be added on to other orders.


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Who is robed goatee guy?
Looks like Glenn Lodbrok, the main protagonist of EVER CRISIS / THE FIRST SOLDIER. He's one of the original "passive model" SOLDIERs from the Project 0 era, before the introduction of Hojo's augmented "active grade" SOLDIERs.


The story of the game is still being told, but it's set 15 years before FFVII and involves a teenage Sephiroth being sent to assume command of Glenn's unit to quell an insurrection by former Shinra allies in Rhadore, an archipelago far to the south of Midgar. The story opens with a flash forward showing an older Glenn in a black leather cloak confronting an older Sephiroth around the time of the Mass SOLDIER Desertion.


Nomura said in a recent interview that the original story for EVER CRISIS was developed by Nojima in tandem with the REMAKE project. Will be interesting to see where the story goes knowing that it's actually being tied into the main plot of REBIRTH.

So far Glenn seems to have a rivalry with Sephiroth, viewing his strength as artificial in contrast with his unit of P0 Class SOLDIERs who represent the pinnacle of "ordinary" human strength.

Looks like he's maybe trying to blend in with the Sephiroth Copies?

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Oh, I skip that and just use Guest check out.

Since the membership does shit except let you acquire points to redeem members rewards but the "prizes" require you to pay $10 shipping and can't be added on to other orders.
On second thought, fuck the Square Enix store, especially with THESE shipping prices!

Screenshot_20230914_183315_Samsung Internet.jpg

I hope the Big Five retailers (particularly Amazon) carry the Deluxe Edition.

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With Amazon, since I'm already a Prime member anyway, I'm almost guaranteed to get my copy on release day for free. Speaking of which, my copy of the latest Mortal Kombat game is almost at my doorstep (3 stops away according to Amazon).

Best Buy and GameStop are on my shit list, though; Best Buy for dropping the ball on preorder DLC and me having to practically beg customer support for a code I already paid for per their own advertising, and GameStop for not securing credit card numbers last year.


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There was a scene with Cloud and Sephiroth fighting together, but will the player get to control Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

If you played the original Final Fantasy VII, I’m sure you can guess which scene I’m talking about. You will be able to control Sephiroth in the same scene in this title as you did in the original.

"You will be able to control Sephiroth (...) as you did in the original." I'm not crazy that that's a vauge way of putting that right?

I may have accidentally thrown myself in front of the hype train by referring to that quote when outlets started reporting "Playable Sephiroth in Rebirth", so I'm just double checking.

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New trailer is dope, this game is gonna be so good man.



The damn SE website sucks shit and wouldn't load until all the collector's editions were gone

And I didn't get one

You saved yourself at least $250 USD. There's no way I'm paying $350 for a fucking statue.


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Some quick theory thoughts.

The opening line "The world's ending. That's what everybody is saying" is intriguing to me. Note that the trailer places the live over a scene of Zack and Cloud arriving in Midgar.

I imagine the line, spoken by Elmyra, is being said to Zack. Perhaps Zack picks her out of the crowd immediately after leaving Cloud with Kyrie and asks her about the situation?

Whatever disaster occurred, it seems to have just happened. Barrat, Tifa, Red XIII, and Aerith were all caught up in it as shown in the last trailer. The news broadcast states in the corner that their bodies were carried out of the Midgar Expressway, which is where Remake ends.

Personally, I think that in the Terrier world, the planet is dying faster than what our party is experiencing in the Beagle world. Since the planet is dying faster, Terrier Barret may have taken action quicker with the reactor bombings, which consequently pulled in Tifa, Aerith, and somehow Red XIII.

No idea where Zack's story is going, but I do think the mako poisoned Cloud will lead Zack to Sephiroth.

For a long time now I've speculated that some "crossing over" event would take place to bring Zack over to the Beagle world, or at least allow him to interact with the party, so Sephiroth's final words "The reunion... when worlds merge" is quite good to hear.


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In assumed narrative order

Makonoid lookin' great here.

View attachment 13789


A lovely change to what is a bit of a head-scratching moment in the OG.


The hair physics and textures continue to improve.


Monsters also continue to impress. This is the only screenie that captured it well - just look at this! Real-time graphics.


Get the guy who makes cartridge games a cigarette and a blindfold.




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JUNONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN :wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky:

Also, rifled barrel, nice. Also, four terraces to the city. Also clearly Junon is at least the size of a single Midgar Sector. Maybe two.


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This... might be cheaper given the exchange rate. But I suppose shipping would be the biggest issue. Hmmmm...

Nevermind, scooped that up from the NA site. It's back.

Anyone still looking for it better grab this shit quick. Before the site blows up again or everyone buys them all out! :monster:
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