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Voting Results: Welcome your new mods!


But you can post from the comfort of your bed or couch whilst naked, you know :monster: although your couch isn't the best to be naked on, being leather and all. Gets a bit sticky :desu:


I couldn't, I really need to sit upright when using the computer else my neck and forearms will go NO U very, very quickly. Office jobs are good for you like that :monster:. Said forearms are already on the edge of going "ok we're hurting now plz stop". I'm sure I'll get in trouble for it later on. (fwiw I've been in trouble with it for a long time, in time it just sorta passed, IDK)


Bad Habit
Ruby Rose, Lucy
Can someone please force them to have supermod username font/colours? I'm always still confused when I see their names. :monster:
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