What games are you currently playing?

Trails of Mana Remake - NG+/Hard mode run. At around 48hrs~ (clock carries over from first run), just
liberated Laurent
New party is Reisz (Valkyrie), Hawkeye (Ninja), and Kevin (Monk) at L21, I haven't been using any of the NG+ EXP modifiers yet. I was missing my old Angela/Duran/Carlie party until I got the first class change for this one and things started to get more interesting. I decided to start using some of the more OP chain skills and also that third class change for my new team will be based on the first three class change items that ??? seeds give.


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I thought I was going to play Majora’s Mask after I finished Remake, but I impulse-bought Sekiro after a conversation with a friend inspired me to. Played that for a bit, enjoying and learning a lot. But then Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition came out, and that usurped the Sekiro playthrough on accident. (Popped it in to just give it a whirl, ended up getting hooked)


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You know, if you'd have asked me 5 months from now if I would have thought Resident Evil Resistance would be the game I'd spend hours playing every day for months after release, I'd have thought you were crazy.

Yet here I am in June, a level 55 Annette Birkin and level 50 Daniel Fabron, who's fixated on the meta and maintaining my 45-5 win/loss Mastermind ratio. Never thought I'd enjoy an asymmetrical PvP game so much but I do. RE3 Remake was good and I enjoyed it, but Project Resistance is ironically giving me the most real value out of my purchase.
I've got a list of RPGs I'm trying to get through over the summer. Trials of Mana, the Steam version of Mass Effect 3 (mods seem to be cross-compatible), finishing FFX, and if I have time, maybe go on to Suikoden III (loved the first two).
I'm still playing Opera Omnia. I've finally earned enough ingots to purple Kam'lanaut, and I'm still grinding summon boards. KOFG is having an event right now for Season 2 of its storyline, so that has been keeping me busy too.

The non-mobile games that I've been playing are Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Persona 3 Portable. I tried playing the PSP port of the first Persona and couldn't handle the random encounters. Persona 3 Portable has better gameplay IMO and I love playing as a female MC.

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I finally picked up Persona 5 again for the first time in a long time. The hulking monolith that is this game's playtime keeps preventing me from getting into it, since I know I could wipe out like three other RPGs off my backlog in the time it takes me to play just this game, lol.

But also, I don't remember Persona 3 (the only other Persona game I've played) taking this long to get going. I'm 15 hours in and they're STILL introducing systems and tutorials. What is this, FFXIII?
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Are you playing the Vanilla P5 or the Royal re-release?

Persona 5 is easily the worst paced game of the newer Persona games and drags like shit during the its last third.


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I'm kinda curious about Royal, but I'm more curious about P4 Golden, which is apparently on Steam right now. P5 was a great game, but easily the weakest of the Persona series imho (I've played 2:IS, 3, 4, and 5). They are gradually losing touch with the art of originality and subtlety (barring P2 on that latter adjective) and I felt like the dialog was often hard to listen to. But it held my exclusive attention pretty much start to finish, so obviously I still have a high opinion about it. It is just lackluster when I compare it to my favorite game of all time, Persona 3.

Yesterday I bought a game called My Time at Portia for some pure escapism. It's a post-apocalyptic farming sim. As a lifelong Harvest Moon fan, I feel like the series has lost its luster. This game gives me a similar feeling as they used to, with the manufacturing parts evoking fond memories of playing RuneScape as a kid, and the setting gives me some Jack and Daxter vibes.


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After finishing The Last of Us Part II I'm back on my Kingdom Hearts II Critical mode platinum run. 8 out of 13 Org. XIII data battles down so far. Some of them are rage-inducing jeez :')
Also switching it up with Uncharted since the Nathan Drake Collection was free on the store. Last time I played UC1 was on PS3 back in 2012 and I wasn't as impressed as most others but I'll give it another chance (also I dropped the difficulty to Easy as I remember enemies being annoyingly bullet-spongey and I just want a good time right now :P)


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(also I dropped the difficulty to Easy as I remember enemies being annoyingly bullet-spongey and I just want a good time right now :P)
i remember going for the hard mode trophy in either 1 or 2, i think i managed one of the games but for the other one i was just like, why am i doing this to myself and stopped


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I got platinums for both 2 and 3 but with 1 it ended on the Crushing trophy. I got stuck in a large room with a turret and was never able to clear it.


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i've been playing dragon's dogma dark arisen on the switch, and i read that there were berserk collab equipment and kept checking the merchant but wasn't seeing it

i looked it up and it turns out the licencing agreement ran out so the later rereleases don't have those

and now i'm eyeing up the ps3 version for the white hawk armour
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