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Like, it's just weird to me how much effort went in. There's 6 FF7 characters (though Zack is just a clone of Cloud as far as moves go,) complete with Alternate Costumes like Shinra Grunt Cloud, Cowgirl Tifa, Shirtless Sephiroth, and Turk Vincent. Even Yuffie has an alt that's a reference to an old piece of concept art were she wore red instead of green. The Gold Saucer is a stage you can fight on, too. The final boss in arcade mode is basically Red XIII 2.0, even fought in a lab that looks a lot like Hojo's.

I honest feel like they should've just thrown in Aerith, Barret, and Cid and made it a full-on FF7 fighting game lol.


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Ehrgeiz was kinda a big deal in Japan.

It had all that effort put into it because it was also a cabinet arcade game in Japan and was popular back in it's day. Square wanted to make a strong impression and they did... Briefly. :monster:

The FFVII cast were totally there to build the hype for the game and get people interested. Love the game's artwork and character designs, even for their exclusive characters. The game sucks but it was fun and a unique piece of Squaresoft history.
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