What games are you currently playing?

Zero Time dilemma, again courtesy of Youtube.

Huh. Well that's a lot.

The Fanfic community is smaller than I expected.

Being a huge fan of Legacy of Kain, I have no room to complain about abrupt cliffhangers.

The storytelling is good. I feel like Zero's abilities are enough to find this religious terrorist person without all these puzzle games. Honestly it's more likely to end up with a bunch of horribly traumatised people than a team of superheroes. The fact that any of these people are still functioning is an achievement in itself.

Is it creepier to be hit on by a 22 year old in a 67 year old's body, or a 67 year old in a 22 year old's body? Narrowly avoiding a romance with your own father, a lesser known hazard of time jumping.

Who also have to watch his baby twins starve to death. Well that's grim.


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Not me, but if some of you understand French, you might want to follow the ZEvent2021 on Twitch which is a charity running from today until Sunday. They usually get several millions for a charity, with notably event goals that each streamer set like this one:

(the first 20K made me laugh too much, sorry ^^').

Here is the list of the streamers participating:

This year they support Action contre la faim (Action against hunger).

Edit: they gathered a bit more than €10M! It was an absolutely crazy event!

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For Halloween I replayed a short little Horror RPG/kinda-sorta-rogue-like game I found last year called "No Delivery".
If ever there were a game that really sold Pizza horror, this is it. I really recommend it. It does a good job making you actually think strategically with your resources and experiment since every time you die you're rerolled into a new pizzeria employee with a different class and attributes. No levels or EXP, just items.


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As far as I'm concerned, Tales of Arise was a cute owl game with a 50 hr jrpg thrown in for free.

It was kind of impressive how it kept getting worse with each cutscene in the last third.
Now that I’ve had some time to think about it, if I discount the final arc, I enjoyed it and I really appreciated the things it did well - particularly the battle system, world design, and overall the characters.

The plot is pretty straight forward but that’s fine. I don’t need everything to be complex and deep. But, I think a lot of that boils down to what I come to a Tales game for.

That final arc tho. Yeah, that... was messy. But I feel like I can let that go. I also think it would have been better if they’d played it straight without the twist.

The thing that was more problematic for me was the lack of humour. Tales games, for me, are a cool battle system, quirky characters and a sense of humour.


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The game had a severe case of Final Fantasy XV syndrome. Withholding all the context and information about the world for WAY too long.
You’re referring to Arise?

If so... Maybe, but I think Arises final arc issue is more due to the pandemic delay. It has all the hallmarks of rushing. I think if they’d taken a few more months to streamline the final arc we wouldn’t be having these discussions.


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Even if I ignore the last third of the game, there are multiple things that I still think sucked lol

The most offensive bit to me was the monetization of this video game. Putting Dohalim's AoE heal behind a paid DLC title = ?? (Yes I know the actual heal itself is "not good" but that's beside the point.) Then they limit you to carrying 15 of each item, with paid DLC that lets you carry more. The entire CP system reminds me of a mobile game stamina system where they hope you pay for refills. And showing you "DLC AVAILABLE NOW!!" every time you camp? Really?

I did buy a costume pack while I was looking for a black outfit for Shion, but it was one that didn't come w/the titles. I didn't realize the other costume packs gave you titles w/new skills and shit tons of SP until I was talking to someone else later who bought the Ultimate thing. You don't need to buy any of it to finish the game, and it's a single player game so it's not like you're "paying to win" in an arena. But if you've played a previous Tales game, stuff like "Apple gels and other HP items now heal for a fixed amount instead of a %" and "your other character with heals has a paid DLC AoE heal" sticks out like a sore thumb wrt their decisions about monetization.
I know that they did have a lot of DLC crap, fortunately I didn't really look at it what it was, haha. So while I agree that it's bullshit, I can't say that it affected my actual experience all that much.

But yeah, a big part of what I loved about Tales of Xillia was how savvy the cast was. They didn't fall for the stupid traps and mistakes that so many JRPG/anime protagonists do. Or at least when they were forced to, they showed that they knew what it was, and made contingency plans. And, like Fiz mentioned, also allowed for a lot of humorous interludes because they were clever and had a plan so they didn't have to constantly be on guard.

This cast, even though they're reasonably likable, (although
Shionne's tsundere act went on way too fuckin long
), seemed to be making it up as they went along, and constantly re-establishing what was going on. So many of the skits were repeating the same information and the characters having the same repeated reaction to it. Which is all the more confusing given how crazy rushed the final act is. They could have revealed a lot of that information a lot sooner and spent the time discussing and digesting that instead of Shionne looking distressed and saying "It's nothing" while Alphen finally gets annoyed only to shout something unambiguously romantic for the 7,000th time. :lol:
Dohalim was my favorite character by the end, but it was maddening how he seemed as clueless as the rest of them for so much of the game and nobody ever seemed to think that was weird or to ask him about that. Again, in Xillia I was impressed with how naturalistic the conversation was and how the characters often said and asked things that I would have in their situation. But here you've got
one of the 5 Lords with you and no one ever even seems to think to ask him about the other Lords, or any of the details about how the Crown Contest works (from his perspective, I know he doesn't know everything). That was just bizarre to me.

That sounds like I hated it, but as a game, it's very good. I think the graphics look great, and the combat is fantastic, definitely the best out of the Tales games I've played, and a marked improvement over Berseria's combat. And while I don't love the cast obviously I thought they were mostly perfectly fine and still had a few good moments. But the overall storytelling and pacing is a mess, which is a real shame.
And if the pandemic really was to blame for the rushed-ness of the final act, I agree that they should have just dropped the final twist and played that part straight.
I avoided this one for a long time. I'd heard bad things about it, but so far it's pretty good. They finally moved away from the 'giant horde of thugs' model to the fewer, but more dangerous enemies' model which I have much more fun with. I think it's better for storytelling too, because Trinity is more dangerous when they can do more with less rather than just throw bodies at the problem. I much prefer the slow tense stuff than giant stupid battles.

Poor Miguel suffers the eternal fate of helicopter pilots, being brutally murdered so the leads cannot fly away.
I knew this was an RPG, but I didn't think it would literally use D&D rules. Never played the real thing, always wanted to. Got off to a good start when my paladin was immediately killed by random wolves on the way to the friendly arms inn. Well that was fast.
More of a "What game am I currently watching", but I managed to find another game I could never remember the name of from my Amiga days :P. A game my brother never let me play, mind you, because he was an asshole, etc. The game being... Shadow Sorcerer. Now I'll see if it was actually any good. I was always fascinated watching it being played.

Edit: If my impressions are correct from what I have now seen. I think my youthful imagination of the game's potential far exceeded reality.
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I just picked up Dragon Quest XI about a week ago, and I have to say, it's really got me hooked. After not playing Dragon Quest for years from how standardized they seemed to be on the outside (big mistake...), I've been sucked into XI. Every time I play it's like I get transported to another land. Which really is the best one could ask for with an RPG.
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