What games are you currently playing?

I bought a Ps3 about three weeks ago for FF XIII.

I now own twenty Ps3 games. All from CeX, I'm not rich. I've probably spent a grand total of £40-50.
Yesssss love Cex. We used to bring home shitty ps2 WWE games from 2005 for 50p for the hell of it when I was at uni. I still get 360 games from there, and really cheap anime dvds.

Also always referring to it as "sex".
Not playing, but remembering. Probably a thread idea actually: "Games you wish were remade." I wish someone would remake Urban Chaos. A 1999 game with a lot of potential, but shit controls. Don't think I finished it. Only hired it one weekend or so, but find myself thinking about it once every so often. Have probably spoken about this before :p.
Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Wow, what an amazing failure at first contact.

Also, Cloudpunk. It's pretty nice, there's foreshadowing that the whole city will be dead by morning, but in the meantime I'm just making deliveries and making friends.
This thread, temporarily for this post, is now: "What games am I not playing that I want to be playing?" and that is Gartic Phone. If anyone here can make 8:30 GMT any day of the week (and perhaps upwards of 11 hours before on weekends), and can buzz me on Discord, we can make it happen, if only just once :P. Granted I'm not sure of my own availability in the coming weekends, busy month ahead for me with family birthdays, etc.


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Sailor Moon, Mini Moon, Hotaru, Cardcaptor Sakura, Meilin, Xion, Kairi, Aqua, Tifa, Aerith, Yuffie, Elena, Misty, May, Dawn, Casey, Fiona, Ellie
Can anyone remember the name of an old PS2 game with a boy going to a farm and an adventure, with a pink dangerous looking monster? I've played it once on the PS2 Demo Disc when I first got my PS2 console, but I've lost it and I haven't been able to remember the name of it ever since.
What a pull, hito :lol:

Currently have Gran Turismo 7 and Triangle Strategy going. Not too far into the latter yet. The former is beautiful, and the racing feels great. But the always-online requirement for single player is bullshit.


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Started playing Kena. The controls are really clunky. I don't mind the gameplay clunkiness, but I'll be walking or running, and she'll all of a sudden stop. Sometimes it happens when I jump as well. Idk if it's my controller/system, or if it's just the game. Thankfully I like the game, so I'm willing to push through. It's really annoying though


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Been playing Danganronpa 1 and 2 these past few weeks, finally finished 2's story mode. Might do the platinum although there is some annoying grindy stuff in there...
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