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Wonder Woman


Pro Adventurer
About the end:

Guy named Steve played by a guy named Chris sacrifices himself to stop a German plane full of bombs in a World War period setting...seems familiar. :P
That's even better than I'd initially summarized the similarities. :awesomonster:

X :neo:
That's one of the reasons they changed the setting to WWI instead of WWII. So there wouldn't be too many similarities. :awesome:


Chloe Frazer
Plan to keep the Wonder Woman movies great: Continue keeping them away from the present clusterfuck storyline.
The trailer leaves me with the impression that they will treat this case of polyamory as a horror story with a cautionary message attached to it. The trailer might be misleading me though.

The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
Well, based on what happened in real life (the two women continued to live together for more than 40 years after Marston's death, until one of them died), I'm expecting a happy ending. :monster:


hedgehog pandacat
Man, I really wanted to like this movie but I just.... couldn't. I thought it was awful.

The Amazon's did some cool stuff, but they weren't in enough of the movie. I didn't think they looked all that cool either. The direction didn't really do enough to set it apart from any of the other ten thousand super hero movies that look like it. The love story just made me cringe, but not in the funny / endearing way they were going for. It was just dumb, and the actors chemistry was lost on me.

I dunno. I just really felt this movie was not good at all. Like I said, I went into it thinking I'd like it even if it was as amazing as everyone was making it out to be. But just... damn. I couldn't :(
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