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I love this series so much I feel like crying. Give me the power fantasy of being a super tall Yakuza who runs an orphanage and beats up sexual preditors. Yas. Thank you. <3


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O-okay, I didn't even realise that was the final boss, so I guess I'm done with Yakuza 3?

Sad to see two new and interesting characters introduced and then being killed off, but I guess that's Yakuza for ya.

Also LOL at the American dude.

It says I spent 43 hours and I'm at a 22% completion. X)


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I started playing Yakuza 4 on PS3 and I have definitely hit the series low point.

First of all, no Kiryu. I liked the opening scene of part 1, but I just didn't connect with Mr. A. Then came part 2, and this Tank!Majima isn't really my cup of tea either, although it isn't as much the story bothering me with this dude, it's the fact that the prison grab and fetch quest was ridiculous, the sniper was stupid, the guard boss was lame, and now you're telling me I'm fighting Kiryu? THE Kiryu? With just like 3 potions in my inventory? I tried once, have to go do something else now, not looking forward to beating this piece of shit fight.

I hope they fixed some of this in the remaster because this is lame.
The mini games all feel regurgitated too.

Also that icky Haruka scene I can't

Yeah this feels like a chore. And a quick cash grab.


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I actually managed to beat Kiryu and Majima on Normal and I'm immensely proud of myself. Those fights were HARD.
Probably because I blazed through part 2 because I thought Saejima's story was boring X) It did get better though, particularly later in the game and I really like him now. Too bad you can't find him a girlfriend.

Then came Tanimura's part and I actually really loved playing as him. His fighing style is right up my alley with the parrying and quickstepping. I found most of his sidestories naturally and I liked most of them.

Then... K I R Y U

I was really happy to play as him again, I mean he is the star of the show.
I've grown to love Kiryu so much. I have so many feels regarding his character and whenever I see him I just get instantly happy. In Zero it was all Majima for me but I think I'm definitely Team Kiryo nao. I can't wait to play 6, but I have one more game to get through before that. Also I have to finish 4 first, lol. I just got stuck getting Akiyama a girlfriend because he desperately needs one xD

Also Tanimura is WAY cooler than Yagami. Just saying.
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So I read a spoiler somewhere that Kiryu was dead in Y6 and I believed it. LAWL. Fucker is never dead!! I was so goddamn happy to see him at the end of the 7 story trailer.

It's just not Yakuza if Kiryu isn't in it. I mean I'll give it a chance any day, but you know. It's not the same without him.

Edit: Oh and I'm still on Y4 right before the final fights. I need to finish everything I want to do in Y4 before I can get to Y5, because my PS3 only has room for like one game, lol.


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Ooh boy, this series just picked up the pace. Yakuza 5 is reaallly close to taking the top spot. I mean, I love all of them in their way, but this is where the series started to look like 0 and the Kiwami-games.

We get to start as Kiryu. Yay! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the taxi stuff. The taxi mini game is up there with my favourite mini games of the entire series. I think it's just the hostess mini game in 0 that tops it, tbh. I had such a hoot driving around town stopping for red lights and pedestrians, it's so mundane yet so entertaining. Most games don't make mini games like this, it's all fast pace and fast button presses etc. I finished all of them immediately.

Sajima: Sajima Y5 >>> Sajima Y4. The prison story was good, fighting a bear - whoa! - but the hunting stuff. omfg. Same as with the taxi driving... it's such a good mini game. Setting traps, hunting... it was a bit annoying you couldn't go on your own to the wilderness to just hunt, but the side quests were easy enough. Also I'm suspecting selling bear pelts will be the #1 source of income in Y5. I now how the golden rifle (which apparently was just a DLC in the JP version) so I can basically one shot anything, so. Also I'm really warming up to Sajima. He's like the grunt version of Kiryu, but with such a soft heart.

Haruka: The "Chef" master spoiled for me in Kiryu's part that we would get to play as Haruka eventually, but I didn't know how much. Turns out to be half a part (or more), which is great. Her part is a complete change from the regular Yakuza stuff, they really did try something new here, and imo it works. Plus it's a step on the way to the sillyness in Yakuza 0, so yay for them actually taking the risk with it. Haruka is really polite and stuff, but I'm head canoning it she's just being clever. I really liked how shit got kinda dark towards the end of that "half part" - I know there's a lot of Kiryu in Haruka and I'm excited to see more.

Akiyama: Hahaha u slob. It was so great to see him again. I absolutely love his voice actor, he sings the best version of Bakamitai (sorry Kiryu...) and his accent and the way he slurs is so great. He's really not a character with a lot of debth, but the surface is entertaining enough. Him recognized Haruka was a great moment. "Kiryu's Haruka??" Yes indeed, she is his daughter and he is her dad. The stuff with Ms. Park kinda broke my heart a little, it was Haruka experiencing having a mother, and Ms. Park's haircut even resembles her real mum a little. Oh well...

This is a great game. It feels so much tighter than the previous titles. This is where Yakuza really started to become Yakuza and I can't wait to play Yakuza 6. I have a feeling it'll be one of the most complete games in the series. Don't let me, don't let me, don't let me down...


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@LicoriceAllsorts Yakuza 0 (now considered the first in the series) can be bought digitally on PS3, PS4 and Steam :)

Same with Yakuza Kiwami, which is a remake/remaster of the very first Yakuza game (titled "Yakuza") from 2005. You can start with either! Depending whether you want to play the prequel (Yakuza 0) first, or later. I played the prequel first, but might as well have started with Kiwami.

Also YAY!!
Someone on AO3 is writing a Yakuza/FFVII crossover, and I am trying to support it, but it's hard to read. Chronologically disorganised.
Does the story progress from game to game? So I should play them in order?
Also is there easy mode because I am a crap gamer.


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If you want the story as it progresses, start with Yakuza 0. It's timeline wise the first game, set in the late 80's. It's also one of the best games :monster:

Yep, there's easy mode! Gameplay can be mashy but shouldn't be hard on Easy. Actually it's quite fun. Just remember square square square triangle. And the occasional X or L1. Also there's an expression in my language, 'gladvold', translated to something like '[in a state of being] happy voilence', or 'enjoyable violence'. You'll see what I mean once you try it. I hope! (Edit: It's nothing like shooting people or pedestrian violence for fun. It's hard to explain. They just made beating people up a guilty pleasure experience you can thoroughly enjoy!)

Edit again: @LicoriceAllsorts I really really hope you check it out!! I think you'll like it, I really do! And if not, doesn't matter :monster:
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@LicoriceAllsorts I'm sorry I didn't see this until now! It's... long. X) It depends on how many sidequests and stuff you do, but clocking in between 40 and 80 hours is probably normal. It's worth it tho :monster:

After finishing VII Remake I was able to get back into Yakuza 5. This definitely is one of my favourite Yakuza games :joy: I must be about 60 hours in and probably just 70% done with the story. I've done a lot of the side stuff though. They're a lot of fun in this one!
Hi Fangu and other Yakuza fans, just wanted to let you know that I bought Yakuza 0 and am really enjoying it so far. I love figuring out how to play a new game. This game gives me a lot of the vibes I wanted from FFVII. I wish they'd made Tseng look like Kiryu. The game play is lots of fun so far.
Hi Fangu and other Yakuza fans, just wanted to let you know that I bought Yakuza 0 and am really enjoying it so far. I love figuring out how to play a new game. This game gives me a lot of the vibes I wanted from FFVII. I wish they'd made Tseng look like Kiryu. The game play is lots of fun so far.
Hmm... which chapter is that? You must be further than I thought. The guy before the first Kuze encounter is Yoneda and he doesn't wear glasses. Not that it matters, just curious :monster:
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