Yakuza Series (Non-spoiler thread)


Great Old One
I love this series so much I feel like crying. Give me the power fantasy of being a super tall Yakuza who runs an orphanage and beats up sexual preditors. Yas. Thank you. <3


Great Old One
O-okay, I didn't even realise that was the final boss, so I guess I'm done with Yakuza 3?

Sad to see two new and interesting characters introduced and then being killed off, but I guess that's Yakuza for ya.

Also LOL at the American dude.

It says I spent 43 hours and I'm at a 22% completion. X)


Great Old One
I started playing Yakuza 4 on PS3 and I have definitely hit the series low point.

First of all, no Kiryu. I liked the opening scene of part 1, but I just didn't connect with Mr. A. Then came part 2, and this Tank!Majima isn't really my cup of tea either, although it isn't as much the story bothering me with this dude, it's the fact that the prison grab and fetch quest was ridiculous, the sniper was stupid, the guard boss was lame, and now you're telling me I'm fighting Kiryu? THE Kiryu? With just like 3 potions in my inventory? I tried once, have to go do something else now, not looking forward to beating this piece of shit fight.

I hope they fixed some of this in the remaster because this is lame.
The mini games all feel regurgitated too.

Also that icky Haruka scene I can't

Yeah this feels like a chore. And a quick cash grab.


Great Old One
I actually managed to beat Kiryu and Majima on Normal and I'm immensely proud of myself. Those fights were HARD.
Probably because I blazed through part 2 because I thought Saejima's story was boring X) It did get better though, particularly later in the game and I really like him now. Too bad you can't find him a girlfriend.

Then came Tanimura's part and I actually really loved playing as him. His fighing style is right up my alley with the parrying and quickstepping. I found most of his sidestories naturally and I liked most of them.

Then... K I R Y U

I was really happy to play as him again, I mean he is the star of the show.
I've grown to love Kiryu so much. I have so many feels regarding his character and whenever I see him I just get instantly happy. In Zero it was all Majima for me but I think I'm definitely Team Kiryo nao. I can't wait to play 6, but I have one more game to get through before that. Also I have to finish 4 first, lol. I just got stuck getting Akiyama a girlfriend because he desperately needs one xD

Also Tanimura is WAY cooler than Yagami. Just saying.
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