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    Death Note: Netflix Film

    So watching this right now and I'll be honest, I like it so far. :D ~ Mari
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    Catch-all R.I.P. thrad

    Urgh, this effin gutted me so damn bad. I was laying down to sleep when the red breaking news bar on CNN homepage caught my eye. i read that bar over 9000 times before i realized it was real.. effin sucks so freakin bad.. ~Mari EDIT: And the worst part about this is, the song 'Breaking the...
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    Wai Haylo Thar Again! (Returning Intro)

    I didn't realize peepz missed me.. I feelz all warmz and fuzziez insidez *imitates Toki Wartooth*! Lol, good to see ya too Magey xD. ~ Mari
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    Development For My Novel-In-Progress

    Hookay, so here I'll go into some of my characters and how the story begins in the First Arc, also detailing my main 2 male characters. Again, this isn't all completely ironed out yet and parts of it could be subject to change so, bear with me: Kabel, my first character, is 25 yrs old, has...
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    Development For My Novel-In-Progress

    Hey doodz! So, I decided to share with you guys the development of my Novel-In-Progress, which will currently span a total of 4 Story Arcs (and might just be separate books if it pans out right). Also, be advised, as it is still a work in progress, if something doesn't make sense or sounds kind...
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    Wai Haylo Thar Again! (Returning Intro)

    I'm a ton better now, just took almost 3 weeks to completely recover :monster:. The first week was a literal, living hell and it wasn't even the kidney pain that debilitated me, it was the absolutely horrid nausea >_<. Ugh, I'm seriously glad that crap is over. Thanks doodz! ~ Mari
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    Wai Haylo Thar Again! (Returning Intro)

    So, hey doods! I've been pretty scarce for a long time now so, I hope it's alright to start a Return Thrad (if not feel free to move it or whatnot). I really miss you gaiz and well, I'm gonna try and hang around more often now. RL stuff, overtime at work and here recently, Kidney...
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    Hi there.. I'm new

    Wai Haylo Thar :monster: Welcome to the forums and hope you enjoy your stay! Have lots of fun and feel free to contact me for any chatting you may like to do :D ~ Raz
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    I'm getting gold chocobos by accident at this point

    Wai Haylo Thar :monster: Welcome to the forums and hope you enjoy your stay! ~ Raz
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    Hi. I'm a Noob around here.

    Wai Haylo Thar :monster: Hope you have fun here! You may or may not see me around, I tend to lurk more than post, BUT, I do still post LOL. ~ Raz
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    Can someone change my username?

    Mariketsu I decided to change to a moniker I been using on Instagram and Twitter for a while cuz I needed a change of pace (after Razael and Verza, though I still use both of these). plz and ty ^_^. ~ Raz
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    Return of the Jed-Ite

    Welcome back Ite ^_^. ~ Raz
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    2015 TLS Awards Results!

    Congratulations to all the winners :D! ~ Raz
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    Hardstyle Tech

    LOL @ Cthulhu, well, Hardstyle does entail the same hard-beat as a base with different sounds/melody ontop, from what I noticed anyway. It's funny really, I used to not like it much cuz the hard-beat would kind of irk my ears, but for some reason now I do (hopefully that doesn't mean my hearing...
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    Hardstyle Tech

    So I was wondering, is anyone on the forum into Hardstyle Tech? I've recently become absolutely crazy for this shit and well, I just freakin' love it! Here's some examples just to clarify [NOTE: These are shortened versions of the full mixes as the originals can be rather long in time-length...
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