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If not for their scummy business practices and terrible treatment of their employees, I might feel bad for them. As it is, this is all just PR damage control, nothing "honest" about it.
I’m a bit saddened they didn’t apologize for imposing crunch when they promised not to. It’s all well and good to tell the public not to blame the programmers, but how much are they being whipped by their bosses behind closed doors?
Crunch is the point along with all their other bullshit. They're playing PR games to salvage their corporate brand. At least Naughty Dog is honest about always treating the devs like dog shit.

Crunch is actually called out specifically in the full breakdown that's linked in the description, along with several other things:

Q: Are you making the team crunch to work on the patches?
The team is working to bring relevant fixes to the game without any obligatory overtime. Avoiding crunch on all of our future projects is one of our top priorities.

He's making the apology for choosing to release the game, because that's one of the things that he is directly and individually responsible for. That's also why he's saying not to blame the teams for anything that happened with the game. That decision can push teams to use crunch to get there in time, but that's usually because it's the people within that leadership ensuring that the teams are capable of hitting deadlines that are beyond reasonable expectations, because they can push to get things done. Those types of guarantees are difficult to see sometimes, but it also doesn't mean that a lot of the time upper management isn't totally aware that it's happening.

While crazy overtime can be something that's mandated at the highest level, what you usually run into in the software world is that it's something that happens either at a departmental level, or at a sub-leadership level within particular teams in the department. Because of that, crunch is something that upper management doesn't usually actively call for, but it IS something that they have to be very involved with in order to actively prevent. That's also what we see reflected in the statement that he gave, and via the information that was linked, so it's still well within what I'd expect from genuinely owning up to what happened, tbh.

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I had it on PS4 ("had", as in I got a refund), but I have a few friends who have it on PC, and the general consensus has been pretty good. From what I understand, no version of it is glitch-free, but PC at least is unlikely to crash all the time like on PS4.

Dang, I wish I have an upgraded PC, though I haven't bought it on any platform yet, I'm definitely interested in trying it out but I guess I'll just have to wait a little longer.


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I got this game for the ps4 when it first came out. I enjoyed it quite a bit when it was running alright. But the performance on my slim ps4 was so bad that it made me physically sick (I have motion sickness anyway but not as bad as I got when I played this game). There was also so many crashes that really annoyed me. And the bugs... I had to go back to old save points several times because of game breaking bugs, and I saw lego/weird looking people and other bugs everywhere.

Well anyway, if the performance was better, the crashes were gone and the bugs were mostly fixed, it would be an alright game, I think. Although I think they'd have to add AI to the npcs and police first.

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I'm up to where I watched an LP to. Now on, undiscovered country. My god this is fun.

The worldbuilding and story here is superb. The sidequests are well written and matter, and there's no 'collect X number of this random item' quests. I will tolerate the glitches for writing this good, and I have seen few that couldn't be resolved by reloading a save. I don't care about visual glitches at all, the mechanical ones are noticeable but not fatal.

Johnny Silverhand is a little lacklustre so far, but if there's every an actor that could convincingly play a terrifying terrorist rockstar, it's Keanu.

Sometimes the tropes are a little well worn, but the execution is so good it's worth it, so you can forgive things like veteran runners signing up for the most obviously suspicious heist in the history of crime in the name of a good story.
CD Projekt Red is 'reconsidering' Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer

It's not outright cancelled but it will no longer be a standalone AAA release. The studio says it wants to bring online into all of its franchises one day.

Sounds like a desperation move. CDPR made their bones on "AAA, big-budget, single-player experiences" -- they were seen as the antidote to the kind of crap being peddled by companies like EA and Activision.

If they're saying this, they've probably already had an earful from investors and consumers (nevermind the 2077 fiasco). They need to fix their own wheelhouse first, get a solid plan in place to right the ship and look forward to the next five-to-ten years. After the Anthem 2.0 debacle and EA's Bioware's pledges that eventually fell through, they don't have any room to dawdle.

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Was "Coming 2077" too on the nose?

Crossed my mind, not gonna lie.

These are actually quite involved investigations, was expecting to find Evelyn pretty quick but you need to do some proper detective work. are not very good at planning. Your unfindable hidey hole was...your previous job? Dexter had a better plan than that. I'm disappointed in her. So the plan was to rob Arasaka, sell to Netwatch, piss off obviously powerful backers, screw over your fixer and then hope none of these dangerous well connected people found you? Cant fault the ambition. I was assuming she had some kind of powerful backers.

They finally re- used a dungeon, I cleared out a scav haunt to find a certain databank that I'd already cleared out for Regina. This sure ain't Mass Effect 1.

I read it and lied to her. Felt like V wouldn't take chances after previous betrayal.
That didn't go well.

Side quests are still excellent. The sheer number of distinct and varied missions is impressive by itself.

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To be fair, even the buggy version is a fantastic game. Couple of sidequests have glitched out, but nothing fatal so far.

Even Corpos know the value of a good rep. They can't pull this again.

Hellman is pretty calm and composed, I'll give him that.

There's really no sidequest wasted here, they all have narrative purpose, even the 'collect the Delamains'
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