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Additional commentary about the Chapter 4 video:

- At 1:56, one WRO soldier would die in about 1 out of 20 attempts. This is randomness playing its hand again, as is often the case with the survival of WRO soldiers. Fortunately, the randomness is very much in my favor here.

- A mistake that is easily made, one that I learned to avoid after my multiple playthroughs, is to stand so close to an enemy that your shot just passes through them without causing any damage. This tended to happen at 9:28 and 9:44 especially, so I learned to always stay back a slight distance so to avoid shooting through nothing. That's a good example of the level of detailed memorization that went into the chapter 4 run.

- I hope the viewers will take some time to appreciate the delicate procedure that happens from 10:07 - 10:35, when I achieve the 13-killchain.

The soldier at the beginning who is standing on the box is the one who usually ended up harming me and there is indeed some luck involved in not getting shot, no matter how careful you are about not going around the corner and exposing yourself.

Surprisingly, the soldiers that run at me at 10:23 only ever managed to shoot me ONCE (in my many, many attempts) before my Fire Lv2 Shot landed a hit. Their aim is worse than one might think, but you still can't afford to wait one millisecond too long with firing that magic shot.

The exploding drum cans marked moments when I would often be too slow and end up having the killchain reset because I didn't destroy targets in a quick enough succession. Observe for example at 10:27 how precise your aiming must be in order to snipe the first drum can from that distance.

The EM barrier that follows is a bit annoying because it can't be instantly removed. The barrier needs half a second to get raised, THEN you can use the cardkey. In my first few dozen runs, I would sometimes forget picking up the cardkey at all! If you don't remember to pick it up instantly, you will run out of time.

Like I said in the video annotations, getting that high a killchain to defeat Shelke isn't strictly necessary. You could learn to dodge her moves and by combining memorization, luck and skill you could defeat her without sustaining damage. Using the Galian Beast form is also very effective and is what I consider the "easy way" to beat her.

However, achieving this killchain before the Shelke battle is something I've dreamed about for a loooooong time. I wanted to show and prove that the killchain is possible even in the JORG version where Vincent's running is so frustratingly slow. 'Tis now done and I can be proud.

- The reason I don't come back to pick up the gold and ammo you see at 10:30 is because I honestly didn't want to push my luck. :P Remember that using the melee button will CANCEL your killchain, just as firing a shot after a given amount of time will cancel the killchain. The nightmare scenario would be to have accidentally pressed the melee button just before the final door. :scared: Fortunately that didn't happen. Going back and picking up the gold and ammo simply wasn't an option. The challenge had to end right then and there!

- This playthrough was my first time noticing that there is no visible item case or ammo model for the 60 Cerberus Ammo you can find during the Azul battle. O___O I wonder if that's a bug or an intentionally concealed secret?

Btw don't forget that clicking the Like button to any of my videos is highly appreciated. Even moreso because my view count on the DC videos are bound to always be low.

Chapter 5 ranking requirements and predictions:

Targets Destroyed - 130 or more
Accuracy Rate - 80% or higher
Damage Sustained - 2999 or less
Critical Hits - 80 or more
Killchains - 65 or more
Items Used - 3 or fewer
Limit Break Used - 8 times or more
Mako Collected - 90% or more
Times KO'd - 0
Time Expired - Less than 45 minutes

Stage Missions:
- Eliminate the Sahagin! : 45 out of 45
- Sneak by the DG soldiers! : 0 times discovered
- Collect the Omega Report files! : 4 out of 4
- Deactivate the mines! : 4 out of 4

I predict no difficulties for this chapter. The standard requirements are easy and the Stage Missions are easy. There is no ridiculous killchain I want to achieve, no special stunt or anything like that. The only real challenge is how much patience I will have to fine-tune my playthrough so to make it more beautiful and smooth. Because there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in Chapter 5, unlike with the pre-Shelke killchain in Ch4, I don't expect my patience and obsession to run particularly deep.

Chapter 5 will be mostly fun and easy. I say "mostly", because having to transform into Galian Beast a total of eight times is needlessly excessive. >___>
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- To my amusement I just noticed that not only can you deflect the Sahagin's spit by using a melee attack, but deflecting them builds up a killchain! That means the Sahagin projectile spit is the same class as the missiles from Bazooka soldiers. Deflecting normal bullets from DG soldiers will not help build up a killchain.

I have also had great fun just now messing around and seeing where the invisible borders are for the mobility of the Sahagins. What do I mean?

Enemies are not allowed beyond certain borders. They essentially face invisible walls. This can at times be exploited, like when the red saucers can't follow you to the big elevator in Chapter 8-2 or when the Guard Hounds in Chapter 6 can't follow you into a cave. This has nothing to do with the geography restricting the enemies: The enemies are programmed not to go beyond certain borders.

You will have seen this in my Epiolnis Glitch recording, where the limp bird is being pushed alongside an invisible wall. The bird can't move beyond this area whether it's glitching or not. Same is true for many of the Guard Hounds.

However, while exploring this nature of Dirge's programming I discovered an unexpected glitch. A Sahagin that disappears when Vincent crosses a specific border! I decided to upload a video to my Gast Faremis account to show this as well as my spit reflecting skills.

Deflecting Spit

Disappearing Sahagin
0:31 - 1:11

- For once I decided to check the exact respawn time for a Mako Point. When I did nothing but wait, a used up Mako Point respawned after exactly three minutes. However, if I transformed and un-transformed the waiting time was increased with five seconds if you are using the game's timer as a reference.

I think I know what's going on. When you transform into Galian Beast and when you transform back to Vincent, the surrounding environment will freeze for a moment even though the game's timer/clock is still running. Because the Mako Point is part of the environment that is frozen, the respawning time will appear to have increased.
To my great shame (yet also to my great excitement) just now I learned that there are in fact TWO hidden ammo pick-ups during the Azul boss battle. Both are 60 Cerberus ammo. The one on the northwest corner that I am seen picking up in the video, then one on the northeast corner! I thought I had scoured the area and confirmed that there were no additional pick-ups, but the DC Complete Guide showed me otherwise.

- Page 094: See map in lower half of the page

- Page 095: Commentary about the hidden ammo in the lower right column. If Tres or hito could confirm if the invisibility of the ammo is intentional, that would be highly appreciated!

Recording showing both the first and the second hidden ammo.

I have edited the annotations in my Chapter 4 - All S Rankings video to mention the hidden ammo that I didn't pick up. Goddamn it annoys me that I didn't find both secrets for my Chapter 4 video!!! How fitting is it not that Chapter 4 returns to haunt me even after I'm finished with it! This oversight isn't enough reason to delete the old video and upload a new one but damn it almost is. XP

EDIT: In the post-JORG versions, the item cases with ammo are visible.



They contain the same amount of Cerberus ammo (or rather "Handgun Bullets") as in JORG.
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The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
Shademp said:
Commentary about the hidden ammo in the lower right column. If Tres or hito could confirm if the invisibility of the ammo is intentional, that would be highly appreciated!
I meant to do this yesterday. Sorry!

"The Handgun Bullets ×60 at Point 1 are behind the container in the northwest. Don't forget to pick them up."

Nothing special. I doubt either bullet drop was meant to be invisible. Probably yet another glitch from JORG corrected post-JORG.
Finally got a recording of the sewers segment that I am fine with. I then managed to get a great run through the Cait Sith segment on my first recording attempt. :monster: 0 times discovered out of 13.

Were it not for Chapter 12-1, Chapter 5 would be the easiest part of the entire game. Especially for the challenge in question. Despite the minimum difficulty I find that my desire to play this game right now ranges between indifferent to repulsed.

The weight of Chapters 1, 2 and 4 (Chapter 3 was easy) have taken their toll. I will complete Chapter 5 soon and then unplug my PS2 and Elgato. Chapter 6 will be a demanding Three-Headed Beast to complete for my All S Rankings challenge and I definitely don't have the juice for that right now. I shall resume the challenge when I feel positive energy at the prospect of doing so.

*EDIT: I should specify that while I am currently experiencing Dirge of Cerberus fatigue, I still VERY MUCH look forward to the day when this challenge is completed. There will be that fundamental joy of exploration and accomplishment all the way to the end.

Don't forget that you can support my work by clicking the Like button to my videos and by sending even a tiny symbolic amount of monetary rewards to my PayPal account. My mail there is "[email protected]".
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JORG - Hard Mode - Vincent Lv1 - Chapter 5: Manor of Despair



Compare the results above with the minimum requirements:
Targets Destroyed - 130 or more
Accuracy Rate - 80% or higher
Damage Sustained - 2999 or less
Critical Hits - 80 or more
Killchains - 65 or more
Items Used - 3 or fewer
Limit Break Used - 8 times or more
Mako Collected - 90% or more
Times KO'd - 0
Time Expired - Less than 45 minutes

The Time Expired demand is so lenient you'd swear they expect you to watch all the cutscenes!


Stage Missions:
- Eliminate the Sahagin! : 45 out of 45
- Sneak by the DG soldiers! : 0 times discovered
- Collect the Omega Report files! : 4 out of 4
- Deactivate the mines! : 4 out of 4

My Elgato and my chipped PS2 are now unplugged and stored away. I feel so liberated and relaxed!

Make no mistake though. I will resume this challenge one day, in great spirits...and I'm going to fucking SLAY the beast that is Chapter 6!

Just watched the videos. Well done. =)
The value of your constant support can't be overestimated. <3
A terrible, TERRIBLE thought just struck me. This paranoia is going to keep me anxious and wondering long after I complete my All S Rankings run.

Y'all remember this screen, which is unlocked in JORG the first time you clear the Single Player and acts as your way to the Event Viewer:


As I have mentioned many times before, this screen never changes once it is first triggered. The assigned Difficulty Mode and the Date of Completion (in this case March 27, 2016) doesn't change no matter how many times you defeat the final boss, or no matter if you repeatedly clear the game on a different difficult setting.

So, what if...WHAT IF there is a different screen that is unlocked here, rather than the Vincent + Galian Beast + Chaos + Moon screen, when you clear the game with All S Rankings? Except it will only be unlocked if this is your first time, on that memory card save, clearing the game?

In my current All S Rankings playthrough, I already cleared the game once before. It's the save where I cleared the game on Hard Mode, with Vincent always on Level 1, leading to the screen you see embedded above. Meaning that if this hypothetical "All S Rankings" congratulatory screen exists, I won't unlock it once I'm finished with my current run of this challenge.

I'd place my bets on that nothing at all will happen once I finish my All S Rankings run. There will be no fanfare, no screens will change, no congratulations, nothing. But I know my curiosity won't be satiated until I clear JORG with perfect grades as my FIRST clearing of the game on that particular memory save. Only then will I feel that I have confirmed the existence or non-existence of a special "congratulations" insignia. So at some point in the not-too-distant future, some time after I am finished with my current run, I will redo the challenge but in a way more casual manner just to check if the hypothetical screen exists.


Oh, I'm still on my break from the challenge btw. Just wanted to share this piece of paranoia. :monster: Hindsight is a b*tch.
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S&G, also known as M. J. Gallagher: Author of the Unofficial FFVII Novelization, recently sent me his collection of documents and images about- and from the DC Multiplayer. Remember also that S&G is the author of the article The Darkness of Shinra &#8211; Deepground&#8217;s History Revealed which combines pieces of his esoteric DC PlayOnline documents and the slightly-less-esoteric aspects of miscellaneous Compilation canon.

The media is from a number of sources and it's going to take some time to get everything sorted. Because these documents were made a decade ago, with very little commentary about who collected what and from where, I'm still struggling with getting a comprehensive overview of the material I've been given despite having just read through it all.

Most of the information and images come from Japanese websites. I surmise that the sources are a mix of translated text from the official Square sites, such as the Japanese PlayOnline website, professional video game journalism websites and fan-forums that tried to archive the content they observed from the Multiplayer mode. Some content is translated by the likes of Souya and Suzaku, some are auto-translations made by the web browser. As you can imagine, the auto-translations are mostly gibberish. Sadly we do not currently possess any original Japanese documentation.

The underlying problem that we face, even with the information that has been archived in a competent manner, is that we can't 100% confirm everything because the Multiplayer is no longer available. Ergo we have to look at this venture as the speculative arena of video game archeology.

All this being said, I want to paste a document here that I feel has been put together in a pretty ordered fashion. Formatting adjusted to the forum. I have imported my own notes and they are sealed inside parantheses.

(Source, Author & Translator Unknown)

Gameplay Information:

By order of the President of ShinRa, through accomplishments in missions as well as team battles, you have received the rank of SOLDIER 3rd, and with aims of becoming the strongest, you are to sent to the huge underground facility "Deepground" to train.

With other players, you can form groups, and are given the chance to enjoy large team vs. team battles. Strategy is an important key when playing the Multiplayer Mode. Only the best will be given to the SOLDIER who proves himself the greatest of them all.​

President ShinRa has order that a new army will be created in a deep underground facility, you have been selected to become a Deep Ground Soldier. It is your job to complete missions and battle against the other soldiers to be rewarded with promotions, money and medals to prove you are the strongest soldier there is.

There are two Deathmatch modes, the first being everyone for them self where you have to get as many frags (kills) as you can in a timelimit, the person with the most at the end of the match wins. The other is a Team Deathmatch where you and between 20 and 30 team mates frag as many of the opponent team as possible, the team with the most frags wins. There is also a mission mode where you team up with other people at try to defeat a boss.

When you start the game you will be taken to the lobby where you can meet up with other plays around the world, possibly receive a mission or two. While in the lobby you can check you your rankings and buy items from the shops or even battle with other players.

There are various battlefields such as the wilderness etc. where the jungle will provide obstacles and narrow views. It is possible to battle successfully if you discover and gain knowledge of your surroundings. If you meet the requirement of the mission, such as getting to the finish line or obtaining a key item that before the opponent player, you win.

Creating a Character:
Name :

Gender : (Male or Female)

Mask :
- Soldier Mask
- Ghost's Curse
- Moogle Cap
- Tonberry Cap
- Chocobo Cap

Armor :
- Soldier Armor
- Sniper Armor
- Speed Armor
- Magic Armor
- Heavy Armor

Weapon :
Handgun Frames
- One-Eighty
- Three-Sixty
- Five-Forty
- Seven-Twenty
- Caballerial
- Stale Fish
- Alley-oop
- Broken Handgun
- Scarlet Custom

Rifle Frames
- Tomintuol
- Balmenach
- Brora
- Clynelish
- Caolila
- Little Mill
- Spring Bank

Machine-gun Frames
- Nelson
- Stenburg
- Ullman
- Forsyth
- Grogono
- Terashima
- Smith

- Veruni
- Verunia
- Veruniesuto
- Rooju
- Roojua
- Roojuesuto
- Barufan
- Barufana
- Barufanesuto

- Auto Scope
- Sniper Scope
- Materia Floater

Materia :
- Fire Materia
- Blizzard Materia
- Thunder Materia
- Cure Materia

Options :
- Power Booster
- Auto Reloader
- Rapid Fire
- Antigravity Floater ("Gravity Floater" in the official localization)
- Materia Booster

Accessories :
- Near Adjuster ("S Adjuster" in the official localization)
- Middle Adjuster ("M Adjuster" in the official localization)
- Far Adjuster ("L Adjuster" in the official localization)
- Recoil Limiter
- Silencer
- Revo Guard-Relief (Presumably the Multiplayer equivalent of the Cerberus Relief)

Drone 3rd : Starting Rank
Drone 2nd : Promotion Exam after 6 exercises
Drone 1st : Promotion Exam after 6 exercises

Scout 3rd : Promotion Exam after 6 exercises
Scout 2nd : Promotion Exam after 5 exercises
Scout 1st : Promotion Exam after 5 exercises

Trooper 3rd : Promotion Exam after 5 exercises
Trooper 2nd : Promotion Exam after 4 exercises
Trooper 1st : Promotion Exam after 4 exercises

Commander Drone : Promotion Exam after 4 exercises
Commander Scout : Promotion Exam after 7 exercises
Commander Trooper : Promotion Exam after 7 exercises

General Drone : Promotion Exam after 7 exercises
General Scout : Promotion Exam after 5 exercises
General Trooper : Promotion Exam after 5 exercises

Tsviet 3rd : Promotion Exam after 5 exercises
Tsviet 2nd : Promotion Exam after 6 exercises
Tsviet 1st : Promotion Exam after 6 exercises

Tsviet Coloured : Exposure to G-Cells​

Non-Playable Characters :

(Name --- Location of NPC)

Doctor Este --- South Lobby
Doctor Ljungbery --- South Lobby
Doctor Renlen --- North Lobby
Doctor Waldo --- South Corridor

SOLDIER 3rd Usher --- Appears in Event1

Drone 1st Peliry --- Found in South Corridor

Scout 3rd Hiren --- Found in North Lobby

Trooper 3rd Emily --- Found in West Corridor
Trooper 2nd Carry --- Found in West Corridor
Trooper 1st Maybee --- Found in West Lobby

Commander Drone Da-You --- South Lobby
Commander Drone Soar --- East Corridor
Commander Drone Masso --- West Corridor
Commander Scout Jingi --- North Lobby
Commander Scout Maki --- North Corridor
Commander Scout Sturm --- East Lobby
Commander Trooper Kon --- West Lobby
Commander Trooper Genza --- North Lobby
Commander Trooper Wizz --- East Lobby

Officer North --- North Lobby
Officer East --- East Lobby
Officer South --- South Lobby
Officer West --- West Lobby

General Drone Cataract --- East Lobby
General Scout Iruka --- West Lobby
General Trooper Regis --- South Lobby

Tsviet 3rd Pullum --- Briefing Room
Tsviet Coloured Argento --- Entrance to Training Facility
Tsviet Coloured Shelke --- Appears in Event2
Tsviet Coloured Azul --- Appears in Event3
Tsviet Coloured Rosso --- Appears in Event7
Tsviet Coloured Nero --- Appears in Event6
Tsviet Coloured Weiss --- Appears in Event10

Lost Force North
Lost Force East
Lost Force South
Lost Force West

Restrictor --- Entrance to Training Facility​

Notes (by Document Author)
Handgun frames are named after skateboarding moves, Rifle frames are named after types of whiskey, Machine-gun frames seem to be random surnames (?), and I've got no idea what the hell the scopes are supposed to be named after.​

The following segment is a particular layout of some missions: (In other words, these are some of the Missions/Challenges according to Player Rank)

Deep Ground DRONE
- DG DRONE:2nd Promotion Exam
- DG DRONE:1st Promotion Exam
- DG SCOUT:3rd Promotion Exam
- Map Exercise: Jungle
- Map Exercise: Town of Kalm
- Map Exercise: Wilderness
- Map Exercise: Sewer
- Map Exercise: Church
- Collectors Heart
- Sniper's Menace
- Elite Unit in the Jungle
- Double Attack​

Deep Ground SCOUT
- DG SCOUT:2nd Promotion Exam
- DG SCOUT:1st Promotion Exam
- DG TROOPER:3rd Promotion Exam
- Decisive Battle Dual Horn
- Harmful Insect Extermination
- Collectors Heart Lv2​

Deep Ground TROOPER
- DG TROOPER:2nd Promotion Exam
- Forest of Grudges
- Wall of Steel
- The End of Betrayal​

The following NPCs are known as 'Quest Givers':
DGS Wizz
DGD Hiren
DGC Soar
DGG Cataract
DGG Regis
DGG Iruka
DGG Jingi​

Did you find Waldo? ;)

- I will definitely be keeping an eye out for these gun/frame/optional/accessory names the next time I comb Grimoire Valentine's DC PlayOnline videos. How amusing that the Rifle frames are apparently named after different types of whiskey!

- No locations are given for the Lost North/South/East/West NPCs. What this means, I have no idea.

- If I recall, Clement was interested in the Deepground rank hierarchy. Well, there it is. :monster: From lowest to highest, according to the rank progression of the player in the Multiplayer Mode:

Drone 3rd : Starting Rank
Drone 2nd : Promotion Exam after 6 exercises
Drone 1st : Promotion Exam after 6 exercises

Scout 3rd : Promotion Exam after 6 exercises
Scout 2nd : Promotion Exam after 5 exercises
Scout 1st : Promotion Exam after 5 exercises

Trooper 3rd : Promotion Exam after 5 exercises
Trooper 2nd : Promotion Exam after 4 exercises
Trooper 1st : Promotion Exam after 4 exercises

Commander Drone : Promotion Exam after 4 exercises
Commander Scout : Promotion Exam after 7 exercises
Commander Trooper : Promotion Exam after 7 exercises

General Drone : Promotion Exam after 7 exercises
General Scout : Promotion Exam after 5 exercises
General Trooper : Promotion Exam after 5 exercises

Tsviet 3rd : Promotion Exam after 5 exercises
Tsviet 2nd : Promotion Exam after 6 exercises
Tsviet 1st : Promotion Exam after 6 exercises

Tsviet Coloured : Exposure to G-Cells
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The document simply entitled "Script", compiled by Souya with help from Suzaku, includes translations to all the cutscenes of the Multiplayer Mode. It includes no dialogue triggered by talking to NPCs or browsing menus.

Before we move on, here are the playlists available with the Multiplayer cutscenes.
- binnsennto's playlist (no English subtitles)
- Grimoire Valentine's playlist (English subtitles to the cutscenes only)
- Shademp's playlist (no English subtitles)

Grimoire uses footage from binnsennto and a variety of other sources.​

The "Script" document includes the scene with Argento which is not part of the cutscenes accessible via the Event Viewer. Right after Event 01 and before the Argento scene, the Script document includes the following:

Opening - Intermission 1

Officer-East: I am the one who is responsible for the level promotion exam. If you want to raise your status [level], there is a need for you to pass through all the exams given by us, the officers.

*Then Officer-East goes into a thinking posture.*

Officer-East: &#8230;&#8230;Is this the first time that I have met you? No, in fact, before I can remember your face, there are also a lot who are lacking a face as well [Note: As in there are a lot of people who go without being remembered because they either die in missions or give up.] And then naturally, I've abandoned all the effort of trying to remember them. Let me know if there is anything wrong.

*Officer-East goes back to his normal posture again.*

Officer-East: Well then, you&#8217;d probably know by now, in Deepground, strength is everything. You have the permission to keep on winning to prove your continuity [in Deepground], and that is the way how the roads will be opened for you. This is the rule of this world. It is good to remember this in the beginning.

*Scene cuts as to another angle of Officer-East.*

Officer-East: Then hurry up and challenge the battles three times. We will know whether if you can go on and do it [here] from the results you did over there [in the battles]. For anything, the &#8220;beginning&#8221; is essential. First, go to &#8220;Beginners&#8217; Battle&#8221; and fight, then you will probably get used to know how it works here. If you don&#8217;t have confidence, then try out the &#8220;Mission Mode&#8221; and train and work yourself from there.

*Scene cuts to a Terminal with a DGC Storm standing in front of it.*

Officer-East: Go and head towards the battle entry from that terminal. For a more detailed description, [it is also good to] talk to the DGC Storm standing next to it.

*Scene goes back to Officer-East.*

Officer-East: Seiger! P.S.!!

The Argento scene that follows is labelled "Opening - Intermission 2".

Beyond this point, the only script we get from the document are from the Multiplayer cutscenes available via the Event Viewer. Looking over this material now raises the question in my head if all of the dialogue in the Multiplayer was voice acted or if some characters were silent. The footage that might confirm this is not available in Grimoire's playlist.

Reading the Script document, while watching Grimoire's playlist and my own playlist side-by-side, has made my awareness of the scene variations and scene library more comprehensive.

To quote Souya:
[x]Depending on the gender that you choose for your character, you will have a little kid calling you either "Big Sister" or "Big Brother".
[x]Depending on which sector you are in, the officer may appear to be "Officer-East", "Officer-South", "Officer-North" or "Officer-West".
I was easily able to confirm the first point.

&#22985;&#12385;&#12419;&#12435;, onee-chan [Big Sister]
&#20804;&#12385;&#12419;&#12435;, onii-chan [Big Brother]

Because the Multiplayer cutscenes, as unlocked in DC:International, typically has the player as a Male this will switch kid-Shalua to say Big Brother instead of Big Sister. In fact there is only one event in DC:International where kid-Shalua says "Big Sister".

Here is an example of the Sister-Brother difference from Scene 11.
JORG recording versus International recording

The scene variations with the different Officers I have no example of however. Both the JORG recordings and the Event Viewer cutscenes from International only ever include Officer-East.

Finally, I observed today that binnsennto's/Grimoire's uploads are missing the final portion of Scene 09. Presumably this portion got lost in the editing process or the recorder forgot to record this bit. The scene is of Este-D finding the Player Character after he/she was struck down by Shelke.

Fortunately, thanks to DC:International this portion of the scene is available for us to view and listen to.

Here is the scene as translated in Souya's "Script" document.

*The screen turns black, and it turns into a bright screen. Este-D&#8217;s face is seen looking at the player.*

Este-D: Ah, so you are really alive.

*The player sits up slowly and shakes her head a bit. The player looks as though she cannot grasp the situation at hand.*

Este-D: You were disposed at the SOLDIERs' waste.

Este-D: Well, I was kinda looking for things to use in my experiment&#8230; Ah, I mean, I found you when I was taking a walk.

Este-D: Then there was a man that looks stranger yet familiar saying, &#8220;Here, take this, it&#8217;s still alive,&#8221; and he left.

Este-D: So I thought maybe I could use&#8230; No, what was I saying! Anyway, that&#8217;s how I got you here.

*Este-D tries to cover up. At last, the player stands up and Este-D watches the player&#8217;s body as though it&#8217;s unbelievable.*

Este-D: But really, to have all these empty holes inside the body to stay alive&#8230; It&#8217;s really a miracle whether if it&#8217;s done on purpose.

Here you can see the scene ending prematurely in the JORG recording.

EDIT: Only realized just now that an updated version of Souya's Script document had already been uploaded to TheLifestream. You can read the Events 1-6 here and the Events 7-12 here. In these articles you can read the Officer-East scene we currently have no video recording of and the bit from Scene 9 that is cut off from binnsennto's recording.

Observe that Souya counted the scenes differently from how the Event Viewer does it. For this reason Scene 12 is the final scene in Souya's article while the Event Viewer counts the final scene as #13.
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Document: "shinra employee says"

This small document includes two fragments of conversations between S&G and a person called "shinra employee". This person was a member on ACF and supposedly registered to TLS as well, but I can't find a matching user name so we're lucked out there.

Because we are talking about a chat conversation, not an ordered and careful effort to compile info like with the "Data Lists" document, I don't consider the claims 100% reliable. Add to that, we don't know if shinra employee played the online mode themself or relayed information from other sources.

Here are the relevant claims from the conversation.

shinra employee says:
Usher was a real soldier within deepground. but was killed roughly 10 yrs after nero was born hence his comments regarding nero. i'm trying to find info on if an item you obtain what he supposed was given or stolen
Mo. says:
you mean the actual SND projection was based on a SOLDIER that once lived in Deepground?
shinra employee says:
its very much suggested by a few npc's
Mo. says:
thats actually really cool
Mo. says:
it would explain why no-one would question the name Usher if the player character mentione dit
shinra employee says:
in the game, someone actually brings him up ( not by name ) but of a dg red head dg sniper who was sent out on a mission but has'nt been seen since. and wonders if he was killed or escaped

Presumably "hence his comments regarding Nero" refer to NPC dialogue that we don't get in the cutscenes, since in the cutscenes Usher doesn't talk about Nero any differently than he does about the other colored Tsviets.

The idea that Usher is Shelke's recreation of a DG soldier that once existed is definitely possible. I quite like the idea in fact. It also supplies us with an interpretation of what Este-D says at the end of Scene 9.

*The screen turns black, and it turns into a bright screen. Este-D&#8217;s face is seen looking at the player.*

Este-D: Ah, so you really are alive.

*The player sits up slowly and shakes her head a bit. The player looks as though she cannot grasp the situation at hand.*

Este-D: You were disposed of at the SOLDIERs&#8217; waste.

Este-D: Well, I was kinda looking for things to use in my experiment&#8230; Ah, I mean, I found you when I was taking a walk.

Este-D: Then there was a man that looks strange yet familiar who told me, &#8220;Here, take her, she&#8217;s still alive,&#8221; before he left.

Este-D: So I thought maybe I could use&#8230; No, what am I saying! Anyway, that&#8217;s how I got you here.

*Este-D tries to cover their statements up. At last, the player stands up and Este-D watches the player&#8217;s body as though she can&#8217;t believe it*

Este-D: But really, to have all these stab wounds to the body and still be alive&#8230; It&#8217;s really a miracle unless it was done on purpose.
^Copied from the Online Mode Events 7-12 Article.

In my mind it seems likely then that Este-D has a vague memory of Usher from when he was still alive, then at the end of Scene 9 Shelke extended her SND so that even Este-D could see this mental projection of Usher.

For those of you who are becoming frustrated with my referencing of old, disordered sources: Fear not! It has occurred to me that many treasure troves about the DC Multiplayer Mode may still exist on Japanese websites. After all, hito had no trouble confirming what those capsules from the Multiplayer were. I will have a looksie myself and ask others for help in this quest.
The Great Panda God, hito, has already found some Japanese website treasures!

This blog is absolutely fucking amazing. 188 blog entries, following the game from its launch in January 27 to its end in September 29.

Most entries I've read so far contain multiple images, so we are talking at least hundreds (possibly over a thousand) images from the Multiplayer that are not included in the material sent to me by S&G. Note: Merely a portion of the images sent to me by S&G were used for the gallery of the Deepground's History Revealed article, so there's plenty of snapshots that most people haven't seen even when you don't consider the diary!

The blog entries even have specific tags so you can filter the entries by ten categories. For example the Version History Category, with ten entries describing the updates that were made to the Multiplayer while it existed.

The extensiveness of this diary just blows my mind. The only thing it really lacks is story content.

Items, Missions, Ranks, Weapons, Capsules, etc. While lacking snapshots, this guide is pretty extensive.

You can even read all the stats for every single equippable item in the Multiplayer! This is wonderful! Just like with the diary, story content is very sparse here.

The item list confirms the existence of a fifth materia in the Multiplayer: The Flash materia.

&#36023;&#20385;&#65306;100 &#22770;&#20385;&#65306;80

Flash materia
Buying price: 100 selling price: 80
It is possible to skip the flash bombs to crawl low altitude. At the time of the explosion, when the flash is in the sight of the enemy, the screen for a few seconds is pure white.
How to Obtain: Shop
WT: 150

Whether these "flash bombs" are the same as the S-Mines that the player can plant, I am not sure.

Among the usable items, these two gems appear:
&#12481;&#12519;&#12467;&#12508;&#12467;&#12452;&#12531; : &#37509;&#36008;&#12290;&#34920;&#38754;&#12395;&#12399;&#12481;&#12519;&#12467;&#12508;&#12434;&#27169;&#12375;&#12383;&#12524;&#12522;&#12540;&#12501;&#12364;&#21051;&#12414;&#12428;&#12390;&#12356;&#12427;
&#12509;&#12465;&#12483;&#12488;&#12486;&#12451;&#12483;&#12471;&#12517; : &#21442;&#21152;&#36062;

Chocobo coin : coin. Are carved relief that mimics the Chocobo on the surface
Pocket Tissue : Prize for participation

It wouldn't be an FFVII game without the classic Tissue!

More to come!

Clement Rage

Pro Adventurer
Yeah, I was trying to research a fanfic to figure out how DG worked, but it was hard to find accurate information.

Even trying to figure out whether a Heavy Armored DG Soldier or the ordinary small SOLDIER had more HP was difficult. Extended experiments shooting people in the face proved inconclusive.

Your body of work on this is really impressive, just in case I haven't said that before.
YouTube decided to recommend me some old Dirge videos. We're talking videos that were uploaded 10-8 years ago. Among one of them was a wonderful surprise.

Not only did the uploader figure out the melee strategy against Arch Azul, but he found a method that is superior to mine! Rather than dodging Arch Azul's tail swing by double-jumping (or in the case of JORG, using Galian Beast's jump) he traps Arch Azul in a loop around the central pillar so that you only have to dodge Azul's claw swipe!

View this video from 2:22 - 5:05 to see the loop that makes the melee strategy somewhat safer.

I will definitely try this out in both JORG and post-JORG someday. It is possible that Vincent is too slow in JORG to make this particular approach effective, but I very much look forwarding to testing this! That being said, I still think my approach of dodging the tail swipe looks way flashier. :awesome:

I was also pleasantly surprised to be recommended a channel where the uploader was a Swede who imported and played the US version of DC right when it came out in 2006. That's some dedication! The US version came out on August 15 while the EU release came three months later, on November 17.

Edit: The pillar-melee strategy was also performed by AquaBlueJonathan, who did a Lv1 playthrough of Ex Hard Mode.
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In the Japanese "Final Fantasy Cheats" site for DoC Online, there are extensive Mission Info pages corresponding to the Deepground ranks that the player progresses through. Some of the information is familiar from the pre-mission status screens such as these:



These screens were taken from the recording for the Restrictor battle mission. Compare the information with what is available on the JPFFCheats page:



&#12510;&#12483;&#12503;: &#29577;&#24231;&#12398;&#38291;
&#21442;&#21152;&#21487;&#33021;&#20154;&#25968;: &#26368;&#22823;10&#20154;
&#12463;&#12522;&#12450;&#26465;&#20214;: &#12524;&#12473;&#12488;&#12522;&#12463;&#12479;&#12540;&#12434;&#25731;&#30772;
&#25943;&#21271;&#26465;&#20214;: &#21619;&#26041;&#12398;&#20840;&#28357;&#65288;&#24489;&#24112;2&#22238;&#65289;&#12289;&#21046;&#38480;&#26178;&#38291;&#12398;&#32076;&#36942;
&#22577;&#37228;: &#12521;&#12464;&#12490;&#12525;&#12463;&#37096;&#38538;&#31456;
&#21046;&#38480;&#26178;&#38291;: 10&#20998;
&#20633;&#32771;: (N/A)

While the Status Menu does indeed include more info than the Pre-Mission Screen (the former even actually includes the name for the location, in this case the "Throne Room") both these images are missing the giant paragraph that explains the/a story behind the mission.

This paragraph:

Google Translated:
You also, I was deprived of the important things before coming here?
Now if the restrictor, we should not put out the usual force in order to control the Weiss.
If you play the review, it is now ....​

After google translating all these mission plots (as unreliable as that may sound) I really do get the feeling that these narratives come from the actual game and were not written by fans. What irks me is that I can't prove this and I'm yet to find any footage that shows just where these particular paragraphs for each mission come from. Are they spoken by a particular NPC? By approaching one of the information centrals? I don't know.

If these mission narratives are canon, then the paragraph from the final mission of the "Tsviet" list might be of great interest.


Google Translated:
Pure white king is, wants to try the sword leftover of Argento dono.
After a long time to be released from bondage, probably it felt like playing around Omousama.
Immediately headed but good. We expect the best of the data.​

Even from this jibberish I get the impression of a claim about Online Mode canon that has long bothered me, for we have no source reference to it. Quoting the "Deepground's History Revealed" article:
(About Argento)

In addition to this, her artistic and creative mind was put to use when she was charged with the task of designing and crafting the weapons of her comrades at the upper-echelons of the Deepground food chain, including Rosso&#8217;s double-bladed lance capable of bursts of fire, and twin gunblades named &#8216;Heaven&#8217; and &#8216;Earth&#8217; for Weiss. Unbeknownst to the Restrictors, Argento silently began to harbor resentful feelings towards them.


(About Shelke)

Training within the Deepground SOLDIER regime, she was taught to fight with EM Sabres designed by Argento.

If the mission narration for the Weiss battle says what I think it does (I leave it to Tres or hito to translate it at their leisure), then we can at least feel more confident about the claim that Argento designed Weiss's swords.
Before I make a lengthy post about all the videos I just found for the DC Multiplayer (which are not yet part of Grimoire Valentine's playlist), here is the most important piece of news... I just confirmed that the "Mission Plot/Background/Information" paragraphs are official!

At 1:47 in this video (one of the videos I discovered only today!), the player enters an extensive Mission List Menu. Though the player is a 1st Class Commander, one promotion away from General, they are able to browse and enter missions for the lower ranks as well. At 2:14, the player opens up the info for the Trooper mission "Dance with Sahagin?", where you must defeat 100 Sahagin.

This mission page includes the same narrative paragraph that you can read in the FFCheats page!

The paragraphs are official! Argento truly did create Weiss's swords!

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So I found five Multiplayer Mode videos that I had never seen before. I will inform Grimoire of these so that he might add the videos to his playlist.

Uploaded by doonkonishi on June 2010:
- Gears & Menus, Mission: Defeat 100 Sahagin
- Team Battle: Get 50 kills at the Kalm Church

Uploaded by &#12394;&#12413;&#12426;&#12383;&#12435;&#29579;&#22269; (Neapolitan kingdom) on March 2015:
- Team Battle: Get 80 kills at the Kalm Church
- Team Battle: Get 70 kills at the Kalm Streets
- Team Battle: Get 80 kills at the Desert Fortress

What are some of the observations I have made?

- There is an MP replenishment system. Some unknown mechanic makes the player's MP gradually restore, as though they were wearing a Manaheart from the post-JORG versions. I suspect there are more nuances to how MP replenishment works, since the MP restoration doesn't happen as constantly as with the Manaheart accessory.

- What I assume to be the Vanish materia is grey. It requires less MP than Cure to be used, however I am yet to see the Vanish materia in action.

- In one video the Fire materia shot followed an arc, either due to an added homing ability or just because it follows an arc. In the main game the magic Fire shot always goes in a straight line.

- The total playtime for the players ranges from 234-326 hours. Wow!

- With the Soldier Suit (&#12477;&#12523;&#12472;&#12515;&#12540;&#12473;&#12540;&#12484;) your max HP is 270 but with the Sniper Suit (&#12473;&#12490;&#12452;&#12503;&#12473;&#12540;&#12484;) your max HP is 210. This contradicts the info given in the FFCheats Item page, which says your HP should be 200 with the Sniper Suit equipped. Whether it's a typo or just something that was changed to the Multiplayer, I do not know.

- The player can select commands to make the player character do different poses.

- You will sometimes at the beginning or the end of the videos spot some NPCs. I've spotted Commander Drone Da-You, Doctor Renlen and General Trooper Regis, but never has the player approached and talked to these NPCs. This makes me sad. We are yet to have any videos where the player walks around, casually talking to NPCs and showing us whatever exposition they have to give.
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It feels absolutely wonderful to keep learning more about the DoC Multiplayer. I don't feel at all like my "break" from DC has been interrupted.

- Hito found another Japanese site, called "playshinra" devoted to the Online Mode. It is essentially like the FFCheats page, though less extensive. The link works for hito but not for me (I get a 403 Forbidden Page) I had hito archive the pages for me instead.

- One of S&G's documents included a link to a PlayOnline page that once showed info about an update made to the Multiplayer on February 27.

The link no longer works, neither for me nor for hito: http://www.playonline.com/dcff7/extra/update060227.html

Unless these PlayOnline pages are archived somewhere, it is likely that the information from this official site is lost forever.

In S&G's document, this is the update from 2016-02-27 as translated and written by an unknown person from an unknown forum:
- Two new maps, "Huge Facilities", and "Large Fault".
- Some destructable objects in the maps have been reworked slightly.
- Several new missions for the Drone, Scout, Trooper, and Commander ranks.
- Voice acting added to the opening cinematic.
- "Chapter of the Past of <Deep Ground>" has been opened up in the "Fragment of Memory" cutscene viewer that is opened up by completing single player mode. In order to unlock the Multiplayer Mode cutscenes, you must destroy the capsules that are now hidden in the multiplayer missions.
- New rules were added to TFL and GFL matches, new conditions were added, graphic errors were fixed, and rankings were updated.
- Several new emotes were added, as well as changes to the voice acting, and you can also now set up specific messages to the F keys, to use them easily. Other bugs were also fixed.
The update marked in red would be very interesting if it is correct. I wonder if the entire Scene 1 was without voice acting originally, or if only the narration at the beginning was silent? The narrator is Weiss.

This particular update to the cutscene is not mentioned in the Multiplayer Mode Diary (browse to the bottom of the page for the February 27 update).

- Going back to the third site found by hito, one page includes an "Emote Command List", which I have not found in the FFCheats pages.

Here is that list, copy-pasted:

/bow &#12362;&#36766;&#20736;&#12434;&#12377;&#12427;
/no &#39318;&#12434;&#25391;&#12427;
/calm &#12394;&#12384;&#12417;&#12427;
/cry &#27875;&#12367;
/hume &#24724;&#12375;&#12364;&#12427;
/laugh &#31505;&#12358;
/clap &#25293;&#25163;
/think &#32771;&#12360;&#36796;&#12416;
/huh &#29702;&#35299;&#12391;&#12365;&#12394;&#12356;
/salute &#25964;&#31036;&#12377;&#12427;
/angry &#24594;&#12427;
/sigh &#33853;&#12385;&#36796;&#12416;
/panic &#24908;&#12390;&#12427;
/sit &#24231;&#12427;
/yes &#12358;&#12394;&#12378;&#12367;
/joy &#21916;&#12406;
/stagger &#12424;&#12429;&#12417;&#12367;
/tremble &#25126;&#24900;&#12377;&#12427;
/attention &#19981;&#21205;&#12398;&#23039;&#21218;&#12434;&#12392;&#12427;
/trick &#27515;&#12435;&#12384;&#12405;&#12426;&#12434;&#12377;&#12427;
/hand &#36605;&#12367;&#25163;&#12434;&#12354;&#12370;&#12390;&#25384;&#25334;&#12434;&#12377;&#12427;
/forward &#21069;&#36914;&#25351;&#31034;&#12434;&#20986;&#12377;
/help &#25903;&#25588;&#35201;&#35531;&#12434;&#20986;&#12377;
/charge &#31361;&#25731;&#21495;&#20196;&#12434;&#20986;&#12377;
/ok &#21516;&#24847;&#12377;&#12427;
/warcry &#38596;&#12383;&#12369;&#12403;&#12434;&#19978;&#12370;&#12427;
/refuse &#21453;&#23550;&#12377;&#12427;
/locate &#25509;&#25973;&#22577;&#21578;&#12434;&#12377;&#12427;
/halt &#20572;&#27490;&#25351;&#31034;&#12434;&#20986;&#12377;
/retreat &#24460;&#36864;&#25351;&#31034;&#12434;&#20986;&#12377;

The total number of emotes in this list is 30. Compare that to the emotes list in page 242 of the DC Complete Guide, which has only 28 emote commands. I have not compared the lists in greater detail.
Let's compare some of the Single Player items with their Multiplayer counterparts.

- Sniper Scope
Single Player:
The Sniper Scope has no upgrades in any version of the Single Player.
Buy: 1000 gil
Sell: 700 gil
WT: 750
How to get: Find in Chapter 3

There are three variations to the Sniper Scope: The familiar scope, which is apparently part of your initial equipment, but it can then be upgraded to one of two other scopes: "Sniper Scope+" and "Sniper Scope-".

If I'm interpreting the translations correctly, the zoom gets deeper/greater in the order you would expect. From smallest zoom to deepest: Sniper Scope- &#8594; Sniper Scope &#8594; Sniper Scope+. I can imagine that having a Sniper Scope zoom too deep could be a problem at times, so you may want to buy the Sniper Scope- to get a more moderate zoom.

Here is the data copied and translated from the FFCheats page:

Sniper Scope
Buy: 100 gil
Sell: 80 gil
WT: 360
How to get: Initial Equipment

Sniper Scope+
Buy: N/A
Sell: 120 gil
WT: 450
How to get: Upgrade the Sniper Scope for 50 gil.

Sniper Scope-
Buy: N/A
Sell: 120 gil
WT: 300
How to get: Upgrade the Sniper Scope for 50 gil

As you can see, the data for the Sniper Scope of the Single Player and the Multiplayer respectively are quite different.

- Rapid Fire

Single Player:
"Rapid Fire" can be upgraded to "Rapid Fire &#946;" and finally "Rapid Fire &#947;". This Optional accessory was removed post-JORG.

Rapid Fire
Buy: 1000 gil
Sell: 700 gil
POW: -5%
SPD: +18%
WT: 750
How to get: Find in Chapter 4

Rapid Fire &#946;
Buy: N/A
Sell: 6300 gil
POW: -5%
SPD: +35%
WT: 1500
How to get: Upgrade from Rapid Fire for 8000 gil

Rapid Fire &#947;
Buy: N/A
Sell: 22400 gil
POW: -5%
SPD: +35%
WT: 30
How to get: Upgrade from Rapid Fire &#946; for 23000 gil

SPD is actually not increased with the final upgrade, but at least you get a lighter item which doesn't slow down Vincent's movement!

Data copied and translated from the FFCheats page. The Multiplayer only has two variations of this item.

Rapid Fire
Buy&#65306;150 gil
Sell: 120 gil
WT: 1200
How to get: Shop

Revo&#12539;Rapid Fire
Sell: 160 gil
WT: 1200
How to get: Upgrade the Rapid Fire for 50 gil.

The data here is not consistent with what's given in the playshinra page. It writes the WT of Revo&#12539;Rapid Fire as being 1650, instead of 1200.

Although playshinra is a less extensive page, I'd bet my money on the FFCheats page being the wrong one here. The punishment of a weight increase makes sense, and it would follow the same pattern as given for the weight increase of the Power Booster. Then again it's also possible that the equipment weights were changed along with the updates made to the Multiplayer, so both pages could be right.

Additionally, the playshinra page says that the Rapid Fire accessory will decrease your attack power slightly, which is consistent with the Single Player.

Whatever the exact story is for the Multiplayer, we can tell that the data differs a lot for even the "same" item when comparing the Single Player and the Multiplayer. In the online mode you could not be rewarded with the super-light version of the Rapid Fire by spending a lot of money.
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*The previous post has been updated since I realized that the page was actually telling you the upgrade costs, plus I found more info in the DC Complete Guide for the Single Player items*

- Power Booster
Single Player:
Three iterations. Upgrading to the final form rewards you with a light accessory that won't slow Vincent's movements, same as with Rapid Fire.

Power Booster
Buy: 1000 gil
Sell: 700 gil
WT: 750
How to get: Find in Chapter 5
ATK increased by 25%

Power Booster &#946;
Buy: N/A
Sell: 6300 gil
WT: 1500
How to get: Upgrade Power Booster for 8000 gil.
ATK increased by 60%

Power Booster &#947;
Buy: N/A
Sell: 22400 gil
WT: 30
How to get: Upgrade Power Booster &#946; for 23000 gil.
ATK increase still 60%, but equipment is now light!

Two iterations of the Power Booster.

Power Booster
Buy: 150 gil
Sell: 120 gil
WT: 1200
How to get: Shop.

Revo&#12539;Power Booster
Buy: N/A
Sell: 160 gil
WT: 1650
SPD: -15
How to get: Upgrade the Power Booster for 50 gil.

The Revo&#12539;Power Booster manages to be even heavier than Power Booster &#946; from the Single Player and on top of that it decreases your SPD!

I have no idea what the "Revo" in the Rapid Fire and Power Booster upgrades stand for. Revolution? The data list from S&G includes an item called "Revo Guard-Relief", but I am yet to find even the basic Guard-Relief in any of the Japanese lists.

- Gravity Floater
Three iterations, each one reducing more WT than the previous.

Gravity Floater
Buy: 1000 gil
Sell: 700 gil
WT: -600
How to get: Find in Chapter 4

Gravity Floater &#946;
Buy: N/A
Sell: 7700 gil
WT: -1200
How to get: Upgrade Gravity Floater for 10000 gil.

Gravity Floater &#947;
Buy: N/A
Sell: 25200 gil
WT: -2000
How to get: Upgrade Gravity Floater &#946; for 25000 gil.

Only the one Gravity Floater exists, without any potential to make upgrades.

Gravity Floater
Buy: 150 gil
Sell: 120 gil
WT: -1200
How to get: Shop

The weight decreases here is the same as for the Gravity Floater &#946; of the Single Player. The FFCheats guide says that equipping this will drop your Magic Power, while playshinra only says that your "power" will fall.
While archiving the Multiplayer Mode Diary, I came across the blog entry from 2006-06-29.


マルチプレイヤーモード サービス終了のお知らせ
マルチプレイヤーモード 今後の予定について
詳しくは こちら をご覧ください

(ノ`Д´)ノ 彡┻━━┻


The End Begins
End of Service Kitakore

Announcement of the multi-player mode service termination
For schedule of multi-player mode future
For more information, please visit here

(Roh `Д') Roh 彡 ┻━━┻

Yes, it came suddenly. Notice of termination of service is.

lol, flip table :lol:

That's interesting to know that the notification of the online mode's termination came on June 29 (or around that time), three months before the termination of the service on September 29.

View this blog entry to see numerous snapshots from the "Snow Mountain" map that was never used outside of the Multiplayer! It isn't used in any Extra Missions post-JORG or even seen in any of the Multiplayer cutscenes!

More examples of maps exclusive to Multiplayer gameplay:
- Fort
- City
- Temple <--this map is used for the Promotion Exam to become a Tsviet
- Roof

The Warehouse map is technically used in the Extra Missions, but you never get to roam the roofs or the interiors post-JORG.

This here blog entry shows the map "Valley". It wasn't used for any of the Extra Missions, but we did get to see it in Scene 7 of the online story.

The same deal is technically true for Weiss's Throne Room, which isn't in ruins during the Multiplayer. In the Single Player there is a lot of general destruction and debris. But to the casual eyes this difference won't matter much.

I have now archived the entirety of this Multiplayer Mode Diary, according to the monthly archives on site and all of the tags/categories. I have also made sure to archive the FFCheats guide pages. The risk of all this info and all these images becoming lost forever has now been significantly reduced.
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Finally browsing the Japanese video site, Nico Nico, yielded even more treasures. To view these videos, you must log into a Nico Nico account.

- Weiss Mission: Part 1 (Duration - 17:38)
- Weiss Mission: Part 2 (Duration - 26:31)
- Random High Quality Slice from the same recordings seen above (Duration - 0:53)
- Team Battle, Kalm Streets (Duration - 23:00)

For whatever reason, it is impossible for me to view the uploader's video library. The only way I can get to TSV-Jill's videos is by finding them in the "recommended videos" stream. Ergo, there may be more here but that is simply locked away from me. I have not found these videos anywhere on YouTube.

At 13:36 in the Weiss Mission: Part 1 video, a now-familiar Mission Menu is shown:


That's right! Albeit we no longer needed confirmation, and even though the image is in low quality, we finally have footage of the passage that confirms Argento created Weiss's swords. Read also the paragraph in the FFCheats page.


- Dirge BGM video with loads of beautiful Multiplayer photos (Duration - 9:31)

Remember the two videos by doonkonishi? I found them on Nico Nico...but in WAY higher quality! They look way better here than they do on YouTube.
- Gears & Menus, Mission: Defeat 100 Sahagin (Duration - 10:28)
- Team Battle: Get 50 kills at the Kalm Church (Duration - 10:53)
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