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I have more the impression that she thinks they just forgot about her, which links up with her previous idea that they all considered her like a trophy, implying that they liked her only superficially.
Yes it's very likely that Shinra hunted them down after the incident, but if they died during the two years before it their families would have been informed. They just stopped thinking about her once they got to Midgar. In the letter of the son of the owner of the general store (...Emilio?) it was stated that he didn't even make it into the army, he was unemployed and lived in the slums - indeed he appears also in CC around Wall Market.

(Ehe now that I read the letter again there's a little inconcistency:
I just arrived in Midgar eight days ago. Yesterday, all of Nibelheim got together to welcome me. The only person that we couldn't get a hold of was Cloud. But everyone said he wasn't really that close to us. So even if we asked, he probably wouldn't have come anyway.
But Cloud is supposed to be last one getting to Midgar. Maybe this boy spent some months somewhere else, who knows 😅)
Yeah that's my interpretation too. After going into the big city they just forgot about Tifa and she kinda knows it, showing the reader that their feelings for her were just superficial, after the first year away from home and meeting new people and and enjoying their life Tifa is probably to them just a nice memory. Which is again another difference between Cloud and the other boys. Because everything Cloud does is in reaction to Tifa. His obsession in protecting people, his immense desire to become a Soldier, his shame in not being able to become one it's all connected to Tifa. To him she was his life goal.


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I was today's year old when I learned that Interrupted by Fireworks plays when Tifa finds Cloud in Mideel - I had never noticed before that.... I knew this song was considered as cloti because the cloti GS date is the only one that's interrupted by the fireworks as the song title suggest, but here, take my heart and rip it already SE :'(

Edit: she also added this:

This song plays when she finds Cloud mako poisoned in Mideel, right after she talks to a stray cat about how maybe he's been "separated from someone he loves".
:'( Mideel is going to destroy me in 4K, that's for sure.


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I had never thought it was there:

I mean, when you think about it, it makes sense but...??? For some reason, I thought they were closer to the Northern Crater, which in hindsight is stupid since it's snowy there :wacky:

Edge. That was the name people recently started using for this city. Up until two years ago this area was just a wasteland. A barren land that stretched out from the east side of Midgar, a city of steel and iron.
And it's also the place where they chose to settle :lol: (from TURKS -The Kids are Alright- novella).
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Long time lurker here. I was thinking since the devs have said this time there will be less room for players imagination. How do you all think they will handle the fade to black in the Highwind scene. I mean they will not get explicit but, will we finally get an onscreen kiss from these two? ^_^
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