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Mr. Ite
I imagine it’s because of the froth-mouthed misogynists, “content” creators whining to their cabal of back-ass milk-drinking BOYS. I figured Google just made it harder for them to connect with one another. I’d shout something about free speech but when people I don’t like get censored I’m fine with it lol
Or maybe somebody working at YouTube got tired of their feed being filled with videos about Tifa's boobs (regardless of the commentary in said videos) and just wanted to discourage activity and viewership of these sorts of videos. That's about where I am on the topic. :monster:

I am. SO. SICK. AND TIRED. OF VIDEOS AND ARTICLES. ABOUT TIFA'S BOOBS. It's been over a goddamn month now since her reveal in FFVIIR!

Mind you, I have not actually read any of these articles or watched any of these videos, because I already know the content and I don't want the algorithm to generate these videos in my recommendations (same goes for my Twitter account). Despite this, videos and articles have kept popping up and I have to continue ignoring it all.

So perhaps the YouTube employee is reacting how I'm reacting :monster:



Cogito Ergo Sum
It's obvious it was filtered out due to too much titty discussion (which is a shame, how much discussion of her tits had to happen for this to happen? A lot), but I'm wondering if it was a human or the algorithm itself that did it. Personally, I don't think YouTube or Google should filter their suggestions or results if the user is not in safe browsing mode (though it should be in safe mode by default), but there's a lot of things I don't think Google should be doing and that's a discussion for another thread. :monster:


It doesn't make sense to me if youtube were to block / hide / discourage it though, I mean it's clearly a heated debate and as long as it's SFW it would mean a lot of activity, views and thus ad views and revenue for Youtube. Nothing pays as good as some dank controversy.

(case in point, the LTD has been a huge source of activity)

Erotic Materia

It MUST be a thing
Were you able to get a ticket?
I did! Got a 4 day pass for almost half face value 😎

Is there an official schedule somewhere regarding where one might play said demo? Sorry if this was already posted earlier.
So, right when the doors open, you have to go to the Square Enix Booth and get a ticket. That ticket has a time on it. Be in line at that time, and you can play. The guy helping run the line told me it went in 15-20 minutes this morning. So don't dilly dally, shilly shally.

You can bet your sweet ass I'm gonna be there bright and fucking early.
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