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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper

New event is live. VII Shinra Legends (where you have to climb up the numerous floors of Shinra HQ) enables you to recruit Tifa and ... Sephiroth? Not quite sure how that works in the grand scheme of the game's storyline, but hey. Also a new Relic roll to change Tifa's Soul Break into Somersault.
And just when I was beginning to enjoy Record Keeper for what it is, the ugly side of a free-to-play construct rears its head. Once you reach the 50th floor of the Shinra event, you encounter Hundred Gunner, who (you suddenly find out only when you go into the battle - which is itself a 4 staged set that has completely expended your stamina at this point) cannot be attacked by your melee fighters. That's right. It's long-ranged only.

So of course, my team didn't make a dent aside from Kain's Soul Break and Rydia (who was my sole healer aside from those with the Salve ability, and Thunder user) was quickly killed by its missile attack. The only way to attack it is long range, magic, or special Soul Breaks.

So, I now have the few days before the event ends to level up range characters, to find suitable fragments to create better long-range abilities like Thundara, and to carefully choose both my team and what 2 abilities to equip onto my mages (who the hell thought just 2 abilities per character was a good idea?).

Checking the official site, I see that a lot of people have already wasted their Mythril, or bought more, on refilling stamina and such in order to progress at this point. What is quite funny is that a lot of people who just got Tifa bought rolls for the Rare Relic in order to get her Somersault Soul Break ... but she, and it, is completely useless on Hundred Gunner, lol.



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despite having played since the start of the japanese release, i have never totally completed every stage of an event. i get the best prizes i can (characters and their crystals) then just accept i can't go on any more

that's the price i pay for not wanting to pay anything


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Does anyone fancy writing a review? I've been playing for a few days and I don't mind doing it myself, but I'm sure there are better reviewers than me out there.
If I had some time at the moment I'd give it a go ... but I'm so clogged up between this and Dying Light, not to mention that Mortal Kombat X is just around the corner. :aah:

Managed to acquire Sephiroth and get the mastery items for all the event levels. I levelled up Wakka (long-range attack + boost to Kain's attack), Tyro (secondary healer + Thunder), White Mage (cure + pray), Rydia (Thundara with the Light Rod equipped) and Kain (Jump + Soul Break). Switched back to my main party in order to take on Rufus, who was a heck of a lot easier, lol.
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So I just downloaded it and played the tutorial. When FF:ATB first came out, I foolishly justified it by saying it wasn't meant to be a serious game and was just nostalgia fuel. With time and playing through it I lost my patience for it and realized that it was nothing more than a cash sink with absolutely nothing worthwhile in its makeup.

I just played the first level and I can already say this is FF Nostalgia Bait DONE RIGHT. It feels like a Final Fantasy game. A simple version, sure, but you actually do something rather than tap. Being able to visit all the games scenes and hearing the music from each seems like what ATB could have been if they put even modicum of effort into it.

Again only the first level so my opinion may change, but it's definitely a huge improvement. Perhaps it was their attempt at apologizing for ATB...


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It's a decent game. My biggest problem is that it's very poorly balanced. It's easy to get through wave after wave of enemies with "auto battle", and then a boss will show up with 10x more HP than all the other goons put together and destroy everyone - or at least come close. I had a lot of trouble with Sample:H0512 in the Shinra event and had to go back and level up, which I hate doing.
Light Against The Darkness was a nice event and I found it a lot more enjoyable and manageable than the VII one. I did find it a little annoying having VII accessories drop for you in the event - it certainly would have been more suitable to have something IV related drop.

At first, I wasn't actually sure how they were going to do it (I thought it would just be a standard Cecil with access to Light and Dark abilities, with a related Soul Break depending on the equipment attached) but the two Cecils was a nice touch, especially because they are both so distinctly different. I'm loving having them both on my team.

Current roster is rocking as: Sephiroth, Cloud, Dark Knight Cecil, Paladin Cecil, and White Mage.

Elite Dungeons are still kicking my ass (I've only managed to clear a few), but I'm slowly leveling up and getting better abilities.


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I just managed to polish off the Shinra event before the deadline to get Sephiroth. Man, Rufus hits hard. I had to use a couple of Mythril to give my party a fighting chance, since they died so easily.

This is what I mean about balance: I'vecompleted every regular dungeon, a few of the elite dungeons, plenty of daily dungeons and the whole Shinra tower, so I feel like I shouldn't be underlevelled, yet some of my characters still go down in one hit when facing bosses. Rydia even goes down to Mighty Grunts a lot of the time and she's level 22, in the back row, with fully upgraded equipment.
I found Rufus easy. The trick is to use Record synergy, equip your characters with as much FF7 equipment as possible for an FF7 dungeon. You get a massive boost in stats.
Someone is reading the forums, lol.

They have announced that Elite Dungeon difficulty has been balanced, with enemy stats reduced and the difficulty now more closely matching the actual dungeon information screen. Sweet.
Got her :) You only need to complete the dungeon on normal mode and you get more than enough Magicite for her. Takes less than 10 mins.

She can equip both White and Black magic, so she can replace Kain and help Rydia :)
I really like how they have set out this latest event. Instead of tons of levels, there's only a few to slog through, and you only need to keep replaying them in order to save up enough Magicite for the specific rewards that you want to acquire. Very nice.

With the growth eggs in my inventory, plus a Greater One purchased with the Magicite, Aerith is already level 30. I absolutely love her versatility like you mentioned. She's replaced the White Mage in my party. I just wish I could get her Guard Stick so that I can have the AOE heal, but I'm completely out of Mythril.

Reno was fun. Loved that he did his pyramid move.
Quite a massive update today. Really loving that there is almost always something new to do in this game.

New levels have been added to FF VI
Brand new realm - FF I
Brand new realm - FF II
New elite dungeons for both realms
New character - Cyan
New character - Knight
New character - Summoner
New abilities have been added
New Rare Relic weapons added
New weather effects for several levels (rain, snow, lights)

Pretty damn awesome.
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Finished off the latest Realms and was surprised to also acquire Josef and Red Mage to my party. Neither I'll use, since Tifa is my fighter / monk go to and Tyro is my 'jack-of-all-trades'.

Monster In The Lethe
"A young Magitek Knight steps out of legend! Can you fend off the monsters of the Lethe and make it down the river?"

And hot off the heels of the VII event comes ... Terra!

Gotten quite a few orbs from the VII event, so it's had a good run. It's helped me gain Curaja and I have enough for Comet now as well. Still wish you could equip more than two abilities at a time, but ah well.

Looking forward to Terra. Definitely going to be a new mainstay into my party.
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