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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper

Yeah I have to say, I have been playing it a heck of a lot. It's got a nice 'pick up and play' addictive aspect to it.

I had been switching from the event to completing some of the easier Elite dungeons (which, after two, usually grabs you enough shards to regen your entire stamina so that you can tackle the entire event again).
I can't help but strut around like a peacock at the moment as I've just finished clearing out every available Elite dungeon within the game without spending a single penny. I love the balance that Record Keeper manages to strike between auto-battling / grinding through dungeons and then upping the tactics come boss battles and Elite encounters. You do need to use your head, adjust your party and abilities if you want to, not only win, but master the level to get all the rewards.

The Terra event felt pretty easy at this point. Kind of wished they kept the magicite concept, however, I did enjoy the new river effects. It's the little touches that are nice.

New event incoming today: Magitek Facility Infiltration.

An Imperial Runic Knight steps into the fray! The Empire studies imprisoned espers in the Magitek Research Facility. What enemies will you face in its corridors?


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Gee, I wonder who that could be? :P

I'm sitting on a stockpile of about 70 Mythril at the moment, wondering what to do with it. I'm tempted by the 11-for-10 rare relic draws, but on the other hand, I don't feel like I really need 10 new pieces of equipment. The party I put together to master the "Memories of Aerith" event (which includes Aerith herself) is strong enough to get through most dungeons already.
I'm sitting on a stockpile of about 70 Mythril at the moment, wondering what to do with it. I'm tempted by the 11-for-10 rare relic draws, but on the other hand, I don't feel like I really need 10 new pieces of equipment. The party I put together to master the "Memories of Aerith" event (which includes Aerith herself) is strong enough to get through most dungeons already.
Same here, though I was hoping to get the character specific weapons ... but alas, no luck so far. I have gotten some great 4 star equipment as compensation though, lol.

Ooooh, Celes?! I just put Terra on my party and now I'll have to kick her off :P
I know. I love Terra but ... it's Celes! :excited:


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i did a weapon draw for 50 mythril the other day (hoping to get cloud's new weapon/special attack) and nearly threw my phone when i didn't get anything special. in all the time i have been playing i have only gotten 3 character specific weapons (wakka, sazh, and one for the main character)

has the english version implemented the feature where characters/equipment from the same world as the dungeon get a stats boost? because if so keeping terra might be a better idea

also have they added the enemy life bars

the japanese version is having a gold saucer dungeon event for golden week and it is amazing. the top level dungeon isn't that hard, and each set of battles you get 20,000+ gil, 50,000+ exp, and 1,500+ special attack exp. golden week is a japanese holiday so doesn't make sense for anywhere else, but they could just repurpose it as 'gold saucer week' and keep all the gold themed stuff (there's also an extra set of login bonuses which are good)
Yeah, the english version started off with what they class as 'Realm Synergy' ... but what now? I'd LOVE enemy health bars. Would save me on wasting the precious ability uses when not needed. We haven't got that feature yet.

Oh, that sounds cool, definitely could repurpose that into an event for elsewhere.

The Magitek Facility Infiltration is now live. I'm constantly loving the little twists they are adding to these events. This newest event is a survivor type scenario, where every battle won multiplies your collected memory shards which get converted into prisms and automatic rewards. You can choose to stop battling after every win and cash out, or go on for a higher multiplier ... but of course, if you lose, then you lose ALL the shards that you have collected so far.

Just beat the levels once on Easy, Normal and Hard - the latter which I just narrowly achieved because all my party (Sephiroth, Cloud, Aerith, Cecil and Terra) had been blinded.

They've also added in some new unannounced abilities like the Kirin summon (regen all) and Protectga (protect all). Nice.
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the japanese one is running an event where you can get barret and a crystal to put cloud's max level up to 80 but i don't think i will be able to get the crystal and i am sad :sadpanda:
Why would you subject yourself to all the shitty ones and then, on principle, refuse to play - not only the only good one, but the one that doesn't actually require any money? :monster:


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No way, pixilated Nobou is too powerful.

I recently downloaded this, it's actually a pretty fun timewaster, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Combat is pretty stale but I'm low level, but the upgrading gear/abilities is a fun rabithole and I'm a sucker for nostalgia.
So, uh, not for nothin, but am I playing through ALL of FF6 in this game?

Don't misunderstand, I love me some VI and I've marathoned the game all evening in an effort to gain enough levels to efficiently gather whatsits so I can put Celes on my team. But said all-evening marathon has just been FF6 dungeon after FF6 dungeon going through every step of the plot. And the last two event dungeons have been FF6.

And the first two were FF7. I'm just saying I've yet to see anything (characters or levels) from FFs 3, 8, 9, 12, or 13, and that's kinda strange.
Did IV, VI and VII do the best in the west? As yeah, they are the most prominently featured at the moment. Everything is being released in stages (we only just got I and II recently) but the updates to the character profiles reveal that we will be getting Luneth (III), Lenna (V) and Snow (XIII) very soon. That just leaves VIII and IX unrepresented but peaking at the Japanese version shows that there are tons of events and characters which we'll be getting at some point.


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there is a lot of ffvi (without checking i think it might be the largest set of dungeons), but there are lots of other dungeons for each game up to xiii (excluding xi). at some point you should reach the end of the current dungeons and it will tell you that you'll have to wait. new dungeons are added in new updates (unless they included all the previous japanese dungeons for the english one from the start)

To Slay A Sorceress

A member of the Forest Owls resistance stands ready to join your cause! Can you carry out the plot to assassinate the sorceress?
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