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Actually yeah ForceStealer is right on that assertion. They'll cry in between every tasty mouth-watering bite of your decomposing flesh.

Anyways I think it's a moot point. I feel like Red was designed with both canine and feline influences to create a relatively unique animal. Really Red XIII always struck me as a sort of cross between Bagheera (the panther) and Akela (the wolf) from The Jungle Book.

For the record I have three little asshole cats who do make all kinds of weird noises but howling is clearly a canine trait. I also have a Boston Terrier but with respect to the animal cruelty in breeding that led to her existence a Boston Terrier is about as much a "dog" as Final Fantasy: All The Buckos is a Final Fantasy Game. (topical joke)
He looks feline, but he doesn't look like a cat. His hind legs specifically are more canine than feline.

If we're talking about what animal he looks like the most, I would say a cheetah, which is a feline. If you're comparing him between dogs and cats of the house grown variety, he absolutely looks more like a dog.
In my 2nd playthrough of the OG, I named him Catdog - from that cartoon on Nickelodeon - for the very same reasons


I was reading the Wiki entry on Cait Sith for information and I came across this which I thought was fairly hilarious given the discussion that was just had in here:

Cait Sith rides on the back of Red XIII in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Tetsuya Nomura has mentioned in interviews the idea transpired based on an old game concept he once had, which included a cat riding on a dog.


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Dogs are better than cats, anyone who things otherwise should die in a fire~
If this were anywhere else, I'd probably be worried you might not be joking. I just want to point out I'm not a fan of this kind of joke and would rather it be avoided in the future if possible.

Why do people think Red is more doglike? Maybe because cats don't HOWL.
And dogs don't roar. Cats have a wider vocal range than dogs do and could potentially manage a sound similar to howling, though their different size and body would cause them to sound different. Typically, any howling sound used in fiction is going to belong to a wolf, while all the roars are from tigers because they're more impressive than a lion's. You'd be surprised of the sounds some animals are capable of, especially if you ever hear an animal that's usually quiet.

He looks feline, but he doesn't look like a cat. His hind legs specifically are more canine than feline.

If we're talking about what animal he looks like the most, I would say a cheetah, which is a feline. If you're comparing him between dogs and cats of the house grown variety, he absolutely looks more like a dog.

From the comparisons, I'd say Nanaki shares the most features with lions. While his muzzle is longer than that of the cougar and tiger, it's also broader than that of most canines. Lions have a long but broad muzzle that best matches Nanaki's proportions. Additionally, Nanaki's nose is distinctly feline.

Nanaki lacks the bushy tail seen in canines, instead having a long tail that ends in a flame in much the same way as a lion's tail ends with a tuft of fur. You'll notice he has tufts of longer fur on his cheeks, a trait even more prominent on the artwork of Seto. While wolves also have longer fur there, it's most pronounced among tigers and lynxes.

The incomplete mane of a juvenile lion is much like Nanaki's mane. On top of that, Deneh's lack of mane and lighter coloration corresponds to the sexual dimorphism among lions. Additionally, the fur length and coloration found in Nanaki's species better corresponds to Cougars and lions than it does to the few canines with reddish colours. Even though Nanaki is stylized, it's amazing how many traits you can identify. There are more comparisons to make but I figure I've listed enough to make my point.

For the record my comment about dogs vs. cats has nothing to do with how I view Red XIII, I had no idea this was a point of contention XD. I just think dogs are better because they cry when you die instead of start eating you.
There is nothing heartless about an animal eating the corpse of someone they know for food. Different species don't express things the same way and will have different notions of what is considered acceptable behaviour in particular contexts. If a pet's owner dies and the corpse is their only source of food, they don't have any reason to think it's wrong to eat it even if they grieve the loss of that person.

It's hard to find quality videos on the subject but I found these:

About cats and their attachement to people

Brief explanation of how cats show they like you

Basic explanation of commonly misunderstood cat behaviours

The part about spraying in particular is a bit simplified but I understand why they wouldn't go into detail explaining the various factors that can lead to it.

Japan's cat island

There's also a bunny island, a park full of deer and a village full of foxes. I really like that side of Japan.
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What are you guys talking about. Red XIII is clearly

Anyway, seriously debating whether Red XIII is a dog or a cat doesn't really matter much as he is neither, he's from a different species than both. :monster:

He has a lot of feline traits, but some canine traits as well, and overall his body can't be attributed to one or the other.

Just showing these because they're more realistic than the drawings of him. :monster:

TL;DR Red XIII is neither cat or dog but his own species. Where was I going with this?


To this day I still want that Play Arts figure of him, but it's ridiculously expensive. I don't care even a little bit about the Play Arts stuff but that one I want to own.


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When you think about it, the shift from feline to canine features when comparing the OG and ACC is like a subtle retcon, which kinda bugs me considering all the consistency issues I've had to put the effort to reconcile regarding the compilation. The thing is, it's obvious the remake is going with the original artwork for everyone's designs, even though they tweaked Barret a bit. With how faithful everyone looks, it's more likely Nanaki's going to go back to properly feline than keep the more canine traits they gave him in ACC.

He may be a non-existent species but that doesn't change that his design is inspired by real animals. Also, discussion about fictional works wouldn't get anywhere if everything was simply excused as being the way it is because it's fiction and that's no fun at all. One more thing; now that you've brought my attention to his ACC design in this context, I find there's something odd about the proportions of his paws. The digits look too long, especially in the hind paws. It's weird and I hope they respect proper anatomy when redesigning him this time.
Yes, obviously, he is neither a cat nor a dog. But I'm always surprised that people default to calling him a dog when his feline features are so much more pronounced than his canine ones. (And the response to "cats don't howl" with "dogs don't roar" was a great one, Starling :monster:)

Episode 10 the season finale is up early on Youtube now! Great season finale, shame we'll have to wait until most likely next fall for the next season.


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Renegamers just posted the first part of their FFVII Advent Children Abridged work.

And for posterity's sake here is TeamFourStar's full Season 1 of their FFVII Machinabridged series.
Figured I make some updates to this thread.

So the Renegamers abriding group recently just posted a new video

Basically the second part of Advent Children Abridged is out but since copyright strikes are constantly getting them removed from their YT channel they are just posting Google Drive hyperlinks to them. Here are the links from the video description:

Original Part 1 Hyperlink:

New Part 2 Hyperlink:

As for the status of TeamFourStar's FFVII Machinabridged Season 2, the most recent updates on that project came from Lanipator during their DBZ Abridged Episode 59 Premier Twitch Stream on June 23, where he said it was currently in production and should be coming out this Fall.
Link to archived stream video (Lani answers the question starting around the 00:47:38 time stamp):

Furthermore, Cliff “AinTunez” Weinstein, the individual in charge of Music Production for the project commented in the TeamFourStar subreddit in late July, saying that "It is quite literally in the works.".

So hopefully the next season will come out by September or October this year.
The Season 2 trailer for Team Four Star’s FFVII Machinabridged series just dropped and the new season is going to premier this coming October 27.

Also some neat bit of trivia, TFS Cloud is voices by Justin Briner, who also voices Deku in the English Dub of My Hero Academia.

Episode 18 is out now. Looks like Episode 19 will be the Cosmo Canyon Episode and Episode 20/season finale will be the Nibelheim and recruiting Vincent Episode (since Vincent was shown in the Season 2 trailer).
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