Final Fantasy VII Abridged Series

Trailer for Team Four Star's Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged

First episode is coming out September 3rd, and purportedly the release schedule is going to be much quicker (for a period of time) than DBZA because they produced a batch/season of episodes all at once.


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Alright, the first two episodes of Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged are up on Team Four Star's website now!
EDIT: And the first episode is up on their YouTube channel now.

It's humor is a little less meta than the cloudstrife8/Renegamers FFVII Abridged series but it is very funny. Also unlike the Renegamers Abridged series they chose not to edit in their own dialogue boxes but instead actually edited-in/animated mouth-flaps onto the characters and also use "close-ups" for cinematic/comedic effect.
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I really like the style, it's a good platform for this kind of comedy. Wish it wasn't so spoilerific though, it makes it hard to share with people half-way through the game. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to more :)
Not bad, but I wasn't blown away. Abridged series that work generally have fundamentally the same characters -you can imagine canon Kaiba saying 'screw the rules, I have money!", Alucard still loves killing people, etc. Normally I like TFS, but this hasn't been their best so far. Still good, but not brilliant.

And they missed the perfect chance for a Tail Laser joke.

Third episode is up! The series is starting to really get into its groove now. Though I think this series' pacing is going to be noticeably slower compared to the previous FFVII Abridged series (like I'm guessing it might take as much as 10 episodes just to get to the escape from Midgar point of the story), which can a positive or negative depending on one's tastes.


I agree actually. Elmyra was the funniest thing in this series so far.

"and I'm an oak tree"

I laughed hard.


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Aerith is actually priceless in this series, episode 4 really is the best so far. Glad this series is on par with TeamFourStar's other work because it's hilarious.


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Although described as feline. I see him as dog like because of his loyalty and the fact that he doesn't try to claw your face off because it's Tuesday like cat's do. As you may have guessed.. I'm a dog person.


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Is it me or was this one not as funny. I've been crying laughing at the previous 8 but this one was meh. Didn't get the head joke and the poking holes either. Mustn't be in the right frame of mind tonight.
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Cats are a lot nicer than you make them out to be. Just because dogs are known for loyalty and are naturally social doesn't mean cats don't care just as much. On top of that, Nanaki's feline traits reminiscent of lions, who live in groups. Regarding cats that way because they're more solitary animals is like assuming introverts care less than extroverts because they keep to themselves more. Besides, Nanaki's species has to be sociable enough to deal with other species regardless of the natural behaviour of the animals that inspired them simply by the fact that they coexist alongside humans in Cosmo Canyon without issue.
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Why do people think Red is more doglike? Maybe because cats don't HOWL.
Oh please, Lex.

Ignoring ridiculous pet assertions, he's clearly a cat.

The high shoulders. The longer, more articulate tail. The mane. He would appear to have retractable claws. The fact that he was designed in cat-obsessed Japan.

He's a cat.

Santa Christ said:
Why do people think Red is more doglike? Maybe because cats don't HOWL.
Clearly you've never lived with a cat.
That said I will grant that is a doglike quality of his. But he doesn't LOOK like one.


He looks feline, but he doesn't look like a cat. His hind legs specifically are more canine than feline.

If we're talking about what animal he looks like the most, I would say a cheetah, which is a feline. If you're comparing him between dogs and cats of the house grown variety, he absolutely looks more like a dog.

For the record my comment about dogs vs. cats has nothing to do with how I view Red XIII, I had no idea this was a point of contention XD. I just think dogs are better because they cry when you die instead of start eating you.
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