Final Fantasy VII Abridged Series

Saw this on the TFS Reddit, Anthony “Antfish” Sardinha, one of the producer/writers/voice actors for FFVII Machinabridge, appeared on a podcast at around the 13:50 mark gave an update for the thirds season.
Their desired release window is sometime in November (I’m guessing latter half/end of the month). Also this season will be shorter, 5 episodes only, due to wanting to end around a natural narrative stopping point, presumably the end of Disc 1.
I loved the use of the basement, really helped make Cid’s narrative mesh with a comedic parody take on it.

Guessing this is what rest of the season will likely shape up to look like then:
Episode 2 - Wutai
Episode 3 - Gold Saucer Dates and Cait Cith reveal
Episode 4 - Temple of the Ancients
Episode 5/Season finale - City of the Ancients


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It was good for a chuckle. It seems like the plot is getting really talky and expository here, and not leaving much room for the actual joking around TFS is known for. That, and it's a really different animal than DBZ Abridged, since there really aren't a lot of shots of people talking to work with (as FF7 did not have voice acting).

Still, it has the upshot of making each episode a bit easier to put together, so perhaps we'll get the next one soon? A workmanlike episode, in my opinion.

Season finale is up! I’m impresssed by Justin Briner’s voice acting for Cloud in this episode in particular.

I’m curious how exactly they are going to explain Zack being an active voice in Cloud’s head in future episodes. It’s interesting how that misinterpretation of the OG plot element seems so common in the (Western at least) fandom, that it colors fan creations. I wonder if it’s more obvious in the Japanese language that Cloud’s inner voice is his child/true self and not Zack?
Is that a common misconception? I've never heard about it until today. XD
Well its at least common Abridged Series, since all three FFVII abridged series have gone that route for portraying the voice inside Cloud’s head. Also it’s what I initially thought when I first got into the franchsie, before I did some more in depth research.

Anyways as for the TFS series, if they go back to 10 episodes per season I wonder if their current pacing would have them finish the narrative in one more season? I personally feel that would be too rushed. But also don’t know if 20 more episodes is necessary at the pace they are going (depends on how much plot relevant but not required sidequests they will include during the final parts)? Maybe they they’ll do another 10 episode season, and then have a 5 episode final season?
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